Irvine to Crack Down on Catalytic Converter Thefts With New Law

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The City of Irvine is doubling down connected rising catalytic converter thefts with a caller instrumentality that volition marque it easier for constabulary officers to apprehension those with chopped catalytic converters without valid documentation.

The ordinance volition marque it amerciable to “possess immoderate catalytic converter that is not attached to a conveyance unless the possessor has valid documentation oregon different impervious to verify they are successful lawful possession of the catalytic converter.”

Catalytic converters are a portion of a vehicle’s exhaust strategy that converts toxic exhaust fumes into cleaner emissions and assistance the wide show of a vehicle. They incorporate precious metals wrong of them—some worthy much than gold—and tin beryllium sawed disconnected of a car successful nether 1 minute, making them convenient for thieves to steal.

Thefts of converters person accrued nationally successful caller years, with 26,000 being stolen successful the U.S. from January to May 2021, and 8,000 statewide during the aforesaid clip period, according to IPD.

For Orange County, determination person been astir 2,000 stolen successful 2021 twelvemonth to date, according to IPD.

In Irvine alone, determination person been 405 converter thefts from January to October 2021, compared to conscionable 61 stolen during the aforesaid play successful 2020, and 28 successful 2019.

The Irvine Police Department (IPD) urged assembly to walk specified an ordiance during the Oct. 26 metropolis assembly meeting, wherever Irvine Police Sgt. Michael Bryant said that astir each catalytic converter thefts cases spell unsolved owed to existent laws making it hard to apprehension those successful possession arsenic a effect of a deficiency of serial numbers connected the converter.

“Currently, if idiosyncratic is successful possession of stolen catalytic converters, the constabulary are prevented from seizing this grounds oregon holding individuals accountable owed to challenges facing instrumentality enforcement. This hampers aboriginal probe efforts and deterrence of these crimes,” Bryant said.

Bryant said 1 of the challenges is that the converters person an unpredictable transgression pattern, being stolen city-wide time and night, arsenic good arsenic however businesslike they are to steal, which reduces the fig of witnesses and instrumentality enforcement catching thieves successful the act.

“There person been aggregate instances successful which Irvine constabulary officers person contacted individuals successful possession of freshly chopped catalytic converters that were intelligibly conscionable stolen, however, the officers could not place the unfortunate they came from,” helium said.

“Because existent instrumentality requires officers to place a unfortunate successful bid to instrumentality enforcement action, the officers had nary prime but to merchandise the individuals without effect and they were incapable to prehend the stolen catalytic converters from them.”

While thieves tin merchantability the converters for up to $1,200, the mean outgo for a unfortunate to regenerate their converter is $3,500.

“It’s truly troubling to spot these thefts occurring,” Irvine Vice Mayor Tammy Kim said during the meeting. “I person to admit, I did not cognize what a catalytic converter was, and present it seems I’m proceeding this a lot. I’m seeing it connected societal media. There’s been a batch of radical who’ve had their catalytic converters stolen, and truthful it’s precise concerning.”

If the ordinance is passed, IPD volition person the discretion to arrest, cite, oregon merchandise with a proposal for charges to beryllium filed aboriginal for those caught with chopped converters.

Those successful usurpation could beryllium prosecuted arsenic a misdemeanor oregon infraction, with up to $500 penalties and region situation for up to 1 year, with each converter recovered being a abstracted violation.

The ordinance was passed unanimously by the council, which volition spell into effect 30 days aft a 2nd speechmaking during the Nov. 9 assembly meeting.

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