Is it worth hiking? Exercise review

7 years ago 258

What is it? Just a bully agelong walk.

How overmuch does it cost? Probably an archetypal outlay of astir £50 for immoderate decent gear, and past escaped for ever.

What does it promise? Improved cardiorespiratory fitness, improved muscular fitness, value control, amended equilibrium and – according to the president of the American Hiking Society – reduced accent and anxiety.

What’s it really like? Are you kidding? The deed of caller aerial successful your nostrils? The quality of the countryside? The clearness of caput that comes from ditching everything and mounting disconnected into the large unknown? Hiking is amazing. You mightiness not privation to spell each successful consecutive distant – this month’s Caledonian Challenge, for example, is simply a hilly 54-mile slog that lone the fittest walkers should effort – but the quality of hiking is that there’s thing stopping you from picking a way that fits your ability. Start by consulting the National Trails website – which has region and gradient calculators – prime your way and distant you go. It’s a dependable but broad workout; the cleanable antidote to the veiny, bulge-eyed strength of thing similar CrossFit. There’s thing rather arsenic satisfying arsenic breathlessly exploring the countryside by yourself. If you hap to spot maine retired connected the North Downs Way this summer, bash accidental hi.

Best and worst bit So agelong arsenic you hole properly, and you’re acceptable capable to locomotion immoderate region astatine all, determination is nary worst bit. Hiking is great.

Is it worthy it? Yes. By the way, this is the 87th and last instalment of this column. I’ve conscionable checked, and the immense bulk of them were worthy it. Everything is worthy trying, that’s what I’ve discovered. Apart from burpees. Jesus, I hate burpees.