Is Kanye West losing it? Or misunderstood? No, just an extreme Gemini

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Bear witnesser to Ye, the antheral formerly known arsenic Kanye West! Whether you emotion him oregon loathe him, fewer tin disturbance the infamy that West, 44, has wrong the media.

His notoriety is 1 helium capitalizes upon brilliantly. A polarizing figure, arsenic if drawn betwixt extremes, his fiery property has struck fearfulness and awe into the public. With an extended dating history and ongoing separation from his 41-year-old wife, Kim Kardashian — arsenic good arsenic galore celebrated fights (with large celebs similar Taylor Swift, Jay-Z and Drake) and bromances (with governmental figures specified arsenic fellow Gemini Donald Trump) — West lives his beingness with small grace. Diagnosed with bipolar disorder and a instrumentality of creepy masks, 1 is near to wonderment if the “Donda” singer, shaper and manner designer is the villain oregon the unfortunate of a modern cleanable storm.

Let’s consult the stars to summation a clearer position of who helium is and wherever helium is headed!

Kanye West’s commencement illustration shows that helium is simply a originative genius

Kanye West's Gemini presumption    means helium  craves spontaneity successful  beingness  and despises structure, limits and restrictions.Kanye West’s Gemini presumption means helium craves spontaneity successful beingness and despises structure, limits and restrictions.FilmMagic

Kanye West was calved connected June 8, 1977. His commencement clip hasn’t been confirmed, truthful we can’t genuinely measure his Ascendant, but we tin inactive glean a batch of striking secrets astir him.

First off, we cognize that helium is simply a crisp Gemini Sun with a tumultuous Pisces Moon. He is simply a natural-born communicator with an agile caput and a knack for channeling inspirational ideas successful ways that marque radical think. He craves spontaneity successful beingness and despises structure, limits and restrictions — thing that leads him to beryllium rather impulsive, spontaneous and adventurous.

On the 1 hand, that means that helium is capable to acquisition much successful beingness due to the fact that he’ll pursuit caller horizons and situation to spell wherever different radical would beryllium excessively cautious to explore. On the different hand, it tin besides pb him to beryllium somewhat of a hurricane. However, arsenic immoderate large creator knows, instauration and creation are an enactment of chaos. In that tempest, thing beauteous tin emerge. But determination is besides a precocious anticipation of demolition from that benignant of energy, too.

He besides possesses immoderate highly uncommon alignments that caught my involvement close away. Jupiter, the satellite of expansion, is agreed successful the aforesaid spot successful the entity arsenic his Sun. This brings idiosyncratic a larger-than-life prime that encourages them to measurement up courageously arsenic a leader. However, the astir notable prime that runs done his illustration repeatedly is that helium is drawn excessively acold into extremes — and, successful this case, it means helium tin besides beryllium prone to egomania and vanity. It is hard to fulfill his never-ending lust for beingness and experience. That tin surely springiness idiosyncratic large luck but is ever champion erstwhile balanced — which West has thing successful his commencement illustration to do.

When it comes to originative brilliance, though, I noticed that his Venus, the satellite of art, is agreed with Mars, the satellite of passion. This is 1 of the strongest aspects successful his illustration that fuels his creator intensity. With them being truthful aligned, helium tin transmission his ideas — and chaos — into projects that person a profound impact. This isn’t conscionable constricted to music; it is wherefore helium has besides ventured into different mediums, arsenic well.

Kanye West poses with his wife, Kim Kardashian, astatine  a 2019 manner  show.Kanye West poses with his wife, Kim Kardashian, astatine a 2019 manner show.Getty Images

Kanye West’s commencement illustration shows eternal struggle

But past we get to each this different worldly successful his natal illustration that makes my bosom wounded for him — and understand him better.

My peculiar marque of astrology teaches that each challenges successful our charts oregon entity are really advantages to grow, go stronger and yet thatch a lesson. However, you person to beryllium unfastened to the lesson; otherwise, the tempest consumes you. In West’s commencement chart, determination are a multitude of planetary aspects that spell eternal struggle and imaginable disillusion with world — truthful acold retired of interaction that 1 whitethorn adjacent see themselves to beryllium a conduit for a higher power. I cognize for a fact, having studied people’s charts for decades, that definite individuals bash person a higher aptitude for psychic oregon spiritual consciousness — but past determination are those who bash not cognize however to transmission it and extremity up simply getting mislaid beneath the sea.

When you adhd money, powerfulness and fame to the equation, the results tin beryllium deadly.

Kanye West taps into his originative  broadside  during a 2014 concert.Kanye West taps into his originative broadside during a 2014 concert.Redferns via Getty Images

In West’s chart, we spot that his Saturn, ruling strength, aligns with Neptune, the satellite of fantasy. I similar this due to the fact that it does amusement large occurrence successful a philharmonic vocation (seriously, I’m not making this up), but it besides means that helium is an idiosyncratic who despises restrictions and limits and volition spell to extremes to not beryllium controlled. Then, his Sun is clashing with his Moon directly, which means that helium lone knows beingness to beryllium 1 of conflicts and struggle, filled with arguments and a deficiency of harmony. Sure, helium whitethorn sometimes find bid for a period, but it volition apt bore him and origin him to commencement fights with others due to the fact that that is the lone mode helium knows however to survive. (Let’s conscionable usage his feuds with Taylor Swift, Jay-Z and Drake arsenic evident examples.)

And past there’s the cult-like vigor that infuses the bulk of his chart. His Sun and Jupiter violently clash with Neptune, which tin surely bring idiosyncratic a visionary imaginativeness but yet says that helium indispensable larn to equilibrium the spiritual magnitude with mean life. His imaginativeness yet clouds his judgment, and helium has a propensity to question idiosyncratic glorification for each of his efforts — adjacent to the constituent of embracing religion arsenic a tool to marque brash statements, specified arsenic a assertion that God made him tempest the stage during Swift’s infamous VMAs speech. No, bro. Have a seat.

Then we spot his Jupiter linking with Pluto, the satellite of the underworld, and his Moon nether siege from Neptune. Yes, helium has the beardown powers of a mystic, but helium is yet prone to self-deception and apt doesn’t adjacent similar surviving successful a applicable world. Instead, the much that his ego grows without self-control, the much helium further sabotages himself and leans into bizarre behavior, paranoia and creepy masks.

In nary mode americium I degrading this man: I ever question to person a precocious codification of integrity successful my beingness and my work. I conscionable yet feel for him. And I genuinely privation him the best. In fact, I’d adjacent springiness him a hug due to the fact that — viewing each of this — I deliberation sometimes helium mightiness request it.

Kanye West donned a head-covering disguise  for a "Donda" medium  listening lawsuit   successful  Atlanta past  summer.Kanye West donned a head-covering disguise for a “Donda” medium listening lawsuit successful Atlanta past summer.Getty Images

Kanye West’s aboriginal volition person the good, the atrocious and the ugly

So what lies up for Ye? Spoiler alert: He has immoderate large things to look guardant to, but there’s besides a tremendous magnitude of challenges helium is going to person to measurement through, too. It volition instrumentality large effort for him to navigate those onshore mines, but with implicit a cardinal dollars to his name, I’m definite helium volition find the close assistance and beryllium capable to bash so.

Let’s commencement with the bully news! In 2022, helium volition person planets that energize his assemblage of nonrecreational victories. Awards? Hell, yes. Greater exposure? Also yes. In the summertime of 2022 and again successful aboriginal 2023, he’ll consciousness a greater synergy with his people and adjacent idiosyncratic connections. In that regard, I deliberation helium volition beryllium happier than ever.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West chill unneurotic  implicit    the holidays successful  2018.Kim Kardashian and Kanye West chill unneurotic implicit the holidays successful 2018.Getty Images

But past determination are besides the obstacles I spot for him, too. Saturn, the satellite of hardship and beingness lessons, is lasting crossed the entity from his natal Saturn (where it was erstwhile helium was born). That volition springiness him a stronger quality to analyse his past arsenic good arsenic person easier separation from radical who aren’t successful alignment with the adjacent section of his life.

If helium owns his behavior, helium volition region himself from self-destructive habits. However, that besides bodes trouble with the instrumentality and the disruption of his societal presumption that is hitting successful the 2nd fractional of 2021 and connected into 2022, too. That could bring wellness problems, either intelligence oregon physical. That besides leads maine to the astir troubling news: He is opening to participate an eclipse rhythm that affects his intelligence and carnal health, too. For some people, this means dealing with addictions, having a intelligence breakdown, going to rehab oregon being admitted to a infirmary for surgeries. This vigor starts present and echoes until the extremity of 2023. We each person escaped choice, truthful the way helium decides to embark upon volition beryllium his ain instauration — oregon undoing.

Kanye West — present  known simply   arsenic  Ye — has some  large  things and challenges ahead.Kanye West — present known simply arsenic Ye — has some large things and challenges ahead.Best Image / BACKGRID

The past happening I volition permission you with successful regards to Mr. West is that the nodes successful his illustration yet sermon his existent destiny successful this lifetime. When 1 pursues the vigor of their North Node, they unrecorded an easier and much fulfilled life. Yet erstwhile they autumn backmost connected the patterns attributed to their South Node, they stifle themselves and extremity up repeating antagonistic patterns. West’s North Node is successful Libra — the zodiac motion of balance, equilibrium and partnership. This is what helium needs to clasp successful this lifetime. His South Node is successful Aries — the zodiac motion of ego, individuality and independence. That means that he’s falling backmost connected what he’s comfy with, alternatively than really increasing and changing successful the mode the beingness has meant for him.

I hope, for his sake, helium finds bid with that karma someday. He deserves that. It is his destiny.

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