Is the West Too Gullible When It Comes to China

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The contention implicit Prince Harry wearing a Nazi azygous to a enactment was repeated precocious erstwhile a 40-year-old salient Australian politician, Dominic Perrottet, revealed that helium had worn a Nazi azygous to his 21st day party.

A paper scholar wondered if radical would beryllium truthful outraged if idiosyncratic had worn a Mao uniform. A bully point.

Since President Richard Nixon’s 1971 sojourn to Beijing, preceded by the Australian absorption person Gough Whitlam, the overwhelming attack of Western leaders has been to dainty the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) arsenic conscionable different mean law-abiding government. They besides often dainty communist leaders, including the wide murderer Mao Zedong, with respect and, astatine times, adjacent awe.

When Mao died successful 1976, Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser and absorption person Gough Whitlam led the Australian House of Representatives successful the condolence question that nary one, adjacent for a moment, had ever thought due for those different mass-murderers, Stalin and Hitler.

Indeed, erstwhile the caput of the Irish authorities Taoiseach Éamon de Valera, called connected the German ambassador successful 1945 to explicit his condolences connected Hitler’s suicide, this was greeted with wide planetary commendation.

What was it astir Mao? It was surely not that helium murdered much than anyone else. Was it that large concern and its governmental allies realised that by exploiting the downtrodden Chinese and enslaved labour and with a consequently rising home market, a luck could beryllium made?

Losing their manufacturing, handing implicit intelligence spot oregon adjacent having it stolen, oregon becoming babelike connected the communists was, apparently, of nary concern.

‘Law-Abiding’ Isn’t successful Beijing’s Vocabulary

Relations betwixt Australia and Beijing spiralled downwards successful 2020 erstwhile the erstwhile centre-right Liberal-National Morrison authorities dared telephone for an planetary probe into the root of COVID-19.

After all, the satellite had suffered drastic consequences pursuing the merchandise of what seems to beryllium an experimental microorganism produced successful a Wuhan subject laboratory assisted by funding from Dr. Anthony Fauci, specified probe being forbidden successful the United States.

Epoch Times Photo Dr. Anthony Fauci, manager of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and main aesculapian advisor to U.S. President Joe Biden, during a proceeding successful Washington connected May 17, 2022. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Added to this was the shocking nonaccomplishment of Beijing to pass airlines, different countries and the World Health Organization of the question of ample numbers crossed the satellite astatine the decision of the 2020 Lunar New Year.

An enquiry into this is inactive needed and should evidently widen to assessing liability for the monolithic damages suffered.

Each authorities should past beryllium capable to recoup immoderate decent publication towards those damages from CCP-controlled assets successful its jurisdiction.

As to questions of proof, erstwhile dealing with recalcitrant law-breaking communists, we tin get immoderate invaluable assistance from the 1947 World Court Corfu Channel Case betwixt the UK and Albania.

Beijing already has a mediocre grounds successful observing planetary law, arsenic demonstrated by the 2016 South China Sea Case earlier the Hague Tribunal, which had ruled that Communist China could not usage rocky outcrops—some exposed lone astatine debased tide—as the ground for territorial claims against the Philippines.

Rather than insisting connected Beijing observing this judgement, President Barack Obama unwisely compromised by accepting Xi’s committedness not to militarise the South China Sea.

In imposing sanctions connected Australia, Beijing remains successful monolithic breach of planetary commercialized law. But the information that we are dealing with law-breakers does not mean that an planetary enquiry of funny powers should not spell ahead. It would beryllium incorrect to presume that damages could not beryllium recovered.

For this purpose, Australia should promote different countries, particularly our adjacent allies, to legislate to let damages established nether a specified enquiry to beryllium disposable to beryllium recouped from assets nether the power of the CCP.

Good ineligible drafting could guarantee that abstracted impervious of the accessibility of assets successful each lawsuit should not beryllium indispensable and that, successful the interim, assets are frozen.

Of course, the communists volition retaliate, but they are already doing this for nary much than Australia’s suggesting an planetary inquiry.

Epoch Times Photo Basket of unrecorded occidental stone lobsters successful Fremantle successful Western Australia. (Trevor Collens/Getty Images)

And wherefore should the radical of countries specified arsenic Australia, who person suffered truthful terribly from the unilateral actions of the communists successful processing a unsafe virus, successful its flight and successful not informing of its dangers, particularly successful the aboriginal period?

How Did the West Become truthful Dependent?

Now, the existent premier minister, Anthony Albanese, appears to privation to curry favour with the communists.

First, he, initially astatine least, declined to travel our closest allies successful imposing investigating connected those travelling from China wherever the authorities could not beryllium relied connected to beryllium truthful arsenic to the authorities of the virus.

Then, boasting that Australia and China are “talking again,” helium said: “We are undoing truthful overmuch of the harm done by the LNP government.”

So, is helium saying that the absorption is to blasted for COVID and the commercialized boycott oregon conscionable for the commercialized boycott? Is helium saying the erstwhile authorities should not person asked for an autarkic inquiry?

At the past G20 meeting, the premier curate was allowed to shingle Xi’s manus portion the illicit commercialized sanctions stayed successful place.

Then, helium seemed elated erstwhile the overseas minister, Penny Wong, was permitted to spell to Beijing to wage her respects to 1 of the regime’s apparatchiks again portion the illicit commercialized sanctions stayed successful place.

Epoch Times Photo Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong (L) meets with Australian Ambassador to China Graham Fletcher astatine the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse successful Beijing, China, connected Dec. 21, 2022. (AAP Image/Lukas Coch)

Now, helium seems to beryllium waiting for a summons from Beijing erstwhile the communists volition perchance wantonness immoderate of their amerciable sanctions, but lone due to the fact that they person proven counter-productive.

When it comes to Beijing, a acold excessively communal weakness among Western ruling elites is that they look to person learnt thing from Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain. At slightest Chamberlain realised his error.

The Western ruling classes are inactive trying to dainty the brutal Beijing dictatorship arsenic a mean government, and they are inactive letting their countries go babelike connected the dictatorship, conscionable arsenic the German ruling people became babelike connected Russia for energy.

So, however could truthful galore successful the West beryllium truthful gullible arsenic to marque america truthful babelike connected the communists?

According to immoderate reports, Henry Kissinger really realised astatine the clip of the 1971 sojourn that the communists would crook connected the U.S. erstwhile they had the economical and subject capableness to bash so.

Gough Whitlam was adjacent much accommodating to the monster, abandoning Taiwan good earlier the Americans did, astatine slightest diplomatically, successful 1979.

President Bill Clinton’s unconditional admittance of Beijing to the World Trade Organization successful 2000 led to the transportation of manufacturing jobs distant from the U.S., the forced transportation and theft of IP, and continuing and superior breaches of commercialized law.

We saw precocious however tenuous the clasp of the dictatorship is erstwhile the Chinese radical revolted against the Maoist lockdown argumentation that was copied, unwisely, by Western politicians.

At immoderate stage, astir apt sooner than later, communist China volition travel the Soviet Union into oblivion, and the Chinese radical volition beryllium liberated arsenic they deserve.

True enactment emerges occasionally successful the West wherever those of the calibre of Churchill, Reagan, and Thatcher not lone marque the West great. They bash not let dictators to thrust roughshod implicit the West nor the West to go babelike connected them.

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