ISIS Attack On Kabul Hospital Leaves 7 Dead, 16 Wounded

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By Associated Press
November 2, 2021

An ISIS onslaught astatine a infirmary successful Afghanistan's superior metropolis of Kabul has near 7 radical dormant and 16 wounded.

ISIS militants acceptable disconnected an detonation astatine the entranceway to a subject infirmary successful the Afghan superior connected Tuesday, sidesplitting astatine slightest 7 people, a elder Taliban authoritative said. It was 1 of the astir brazen ISIS attacks yet since the Taliban took power of Afghanistan successful the summer.

Among those killed were 3 women, a kid and 3 Taliban guards, said Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid. Five attackers were besides killed, helium said, adding that Taliban guards prevented them from getting into the hospital. He said the onslaught was implicit wrong 15 minutes.

"No 1 was killed wrong the hospital," the spokesperson said. He said Taliban guards thwarted ISIS plans to people aesculapian unit and patients successful the 400-bed facility.

He said Taliban peculiar forces were subsequently deployed and searched the infirmary and that a chopper was utilized successful the operation.

Health officials said 16 radical were wounded successful the onslaught connected the Sardar Mohammad Dawood Khan infirmary successful Kabul's 10th district. Mujahid said 5 Taliban fighters were among the wounded.

Earlier, different Taliban authoritative had said the onslaught was carried retired by six men, and that 2 of them were captured.

During the attack, metropolis residents had reported 2 explosions successful the area, on with the dependable of gunfire.

In caller weeks, ISIS militants carried retired a bid of bombing and shooting attacks. ISIS has stepped up attacks since the Taliban takeover of the country.

Additional reporting by The Associated Press.