ISIS-K Could Attack in 6-12 Months: Pentagon Official

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ISIS-K, the subdivision of the ISIS violent radical progressive in Afghanistan, could person the capableness to motorboat planetary attacks successful arsenic soon arsenic six to 12 months, according to a Pentagon official.

In testimony to the Senate Armed Services Committee connected Tuesday, the Defense Department’s nether caput for policy, Colin Kahl, said that presently some ISIS-K and the al-Qaeda violent radical privation to transportation retired planetary attacks but don’t person the capableness to bash truthful astatine present.

“I deliberation the quality assemblage assesses that some ISIS-K and al-Qaeda person the intent to behaviour outer operations, including against the United States. But neither presently has the capableness to bash so,” Kahl said. “We could spot ISIS-K make that capableness successful determination betwixt 6 oregon 12 months. I deliberation the existent assessments by the quality assemblage is that al-Qaeda would instrumentality a twelvemonth oregon 2 to reconstitute that capability.”

Kahl said the extremity was to “be vigilant successful disrupting” ISIS and al-Qaeda truthful they cannot make capabilities to onslaught the United States.

Lieutenant General James J. Mingus, the director for operations of the Joint Staff, said the timeline is “based connected nary U.S. oregon conjugation intervention.”

“The extremity would beryllium to support those clip horizons wherever they’re astatine now, if not, adjacent further,” Mingus told the hearing.

taliban Taliban fighters atop a Humvee conveyance instrumentality portion successful a rally successful Kabul, connected Aug. 31, 2021. (Hoshang Hashimi/AFP via Getty Images)

The Taliban violent enactment took full power of Afghanistan connected Aug. 15 aft the U.S.-backed Afghan authorities fled.

ISIS-K claimed work for the violent onslaught that killed 13 U.S. work members and 170 Afghan civilians astatine Kabul airdrome connected Aug. 26 amid the pullout of U.S. subject troops.

The ISIS-K violent radical has since besides claimed work for different attacks successful Afghanistan, including several bombings that killed dozens of civilians.

“It is our appraisal that the Taliban and ISIS-K are mortal enemies,” Kahl told lawmakers. “So the Taliban is highly motivated to spell aft ISIS-K.”

Kahl said it was still unclear whether the Taliban has the quality to combat ISIS efficaciously aft the U.S. withdrawal. “Their [The Taliban’s] quality to bash so, I think, is to beryllium determined,” helium said.

He estimated that ISIS had a “cadre of a fewer thousand” fighters. Acting Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi of the caller Taliban authorities has said the menace from ISIS terrorists volition beryllium addressed, and that Afghanistan would not go a basal for attacks connected different countries.

“We person seen signs … that the Taliban is wary astir Afghanistan being a springboard for al-Qaeda outer attacks, not due to the fact that the Taliban are bully guys, but due to the fact that they fearfulness planetary retribution if that were to occur,” Kahl said.

Kahl suggested that al-Qaeda successful Afghanistan posed a analyzable problem, fixed its ties to the Taliban. It was those ties to the Taliban that triggered the U.S. subject involution successful Afghanistan successful 2001 pursuing al-Qaeda’s Sept. 11 attacks connected New York and Washington. The Taliban had harbored al-Qaeda leaders.

The United States fought the Taliban arsenic good arsenic striking ISIS and al-Qaeda.

Reuters contributed to this report.

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