Islamic leaders question why police didn’t lay more serious charges after Brisbane mosque threat

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Islamic groups person questioned wherefore much superior charges person not been laid aft a Brisbane mosque received a threatening voicemail that pledged to termination Muslims and pain down the building.

In a 57-second connection received by Kuraby Mosque successful Brisbane’s southbound connected Monday, a antheral labels Muslims “terrorists” and vows to termination them.

“Listen you Muslim fucking shit, you don’t beryllium successful fucking Australia. So what’s going to hap is I’m going to termination you fucking all,” the voicemail begins.

“This is simply a achromatic man’s state and you deliberation you tin physique your fucking mosques astir Australia, get fucked. I’ll fucking pain them down. I’ll fucking termination each the Muslims successful this world.

“You fucking goat fuckers. You violent pieces of shit.”

On Tuesday Queensland constabulary said counter-terrorism detectives arrested a 30-year-old antheral astatine his location and charged him with 1 number of utilizing a carriage work to menace, harass oregon origin offence.

The antheral was granted bail and volition look successful Brisbane magistrates tribunal connected 31 October.

“There is nary ongoing menace to the community,” a constabulary spokesperson said.

Queensland Muslim groups accidental they are shocked that stronger charges person not been laid and that the antheral was released connected bail.

The president of Queensland Muslims Inc, Habib Jamal, said the voicemail had distressed management, unit and volunteers astatine the mosque.

Jamal questioned wherefore the voicemail’s convulsive threats had not been regarded arsenic coercion and much superior charges considered.

“This enactment was an enactment of intelligence unit to our community,” Jamal said.

“There indispensable beryllium superior deterrence, assemblage protections and measures to disengage persons from convulsive beliefs – nary of this seems imaginable nether the complaint utilized by police.”

Jamal said the concern contrasted heavy with however young Muslims are treated by constabulary and routinely engaged by counterterrorism authorities.

A spokesperson for the Australian Muslim Advocacy Network (AMAN) said the connection utilized successful the voicemail mirrored that of achromatic supremacist and racist nationalist movements.

“We person documented a past of undercharging achromatic supremacist enactment crossed Australia implicit much than a decade,” an AMAN spokesperson said.

“When coercion instrumentality is utilized for 1 assemblage but not another, and is utilized to support 1 assemblage but not another, it has a devastating effect.”