Islamic State in Afghanistan could have capacity to strike US next year

6 months ago 90

The US quality assemblage has assessed that Islamic State successful Afghanistan could person the capableness of attacking the United States successful arsenic small arsenic six months – and has the volition to bash so, a elder Pentagon authoritative has told Congress.

Colin Kahl, nether caput of defence for policy, besides said it was inactive “to beryllium determined” whether the Taliban which is an force of Islamic State – has the quality to combat Islamic State efficaciously pursuing the US withdrawal successful August.

“The quality assemblage presently assesses that some Isis-K [Islamic State Khorasan Province, the Afghanistan-based group] and al-Qaida person the intent to behaviour outer operations, including against the United States, but neither presently has the capableness to bash so. We could spot Isis-K make that capableness successful determination betwixt six oregon 12 months,” helium added, saying it could instrumentality al-Qaida “a twelvemonth oregon two”.

More details soon …