Island of Rhesus Monkeys in South Carolina Exposed as Fauci’s Source for ‘Excruciating Experiments’

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A radical that investigates taxpayer-funded experiments connected animals has disclosed a papers exposing the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases’ (NIAID) “excruciating experiments” connected rhesus monkeys.

The monkeys, which are owned by NIAID, are acquired from Morgan Island disconnected the seashore of Beaufort, South Carolina.

Justin Goodman, vice president of advocacy and nationalist argumentation for the White Coat Waste Project (WCWP), told The Epoch Times that the nonprofit payer watchdog radical obtained the document in October done the Freedom of Information Act, revealing that the NIAID has spent $13.5 cardinal successful payer backing connected experiments that impact injecting monkeys with assorted infectious diseases specified arsenic Ebola and the Lassa microorganism that effect successful hemorrhaging, pain, encephalon damage, nonaccomplishment of centrifugal control, and organ failure.

Dr. Anthony Fauci is the manager of NIAID, a part of the National Institute of Health (NIH), itself a portion of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

“In galore of these experiments, Fauci and unit intentionally withhold symptom relief, adjacent though these are immoderate of the astir excruciating experiments successful the national government,” Goodman said.

WCWP recently exposed the NIAID’s experiments connected beagles that progressive having sandflies devour the dogs alive, arsenic good arsenic experiments that progressive force-feeding 44 beagle puppies an experimental cause earlier sidesplitting and dissecting them.

A national spending database shows that the Department of Health and Human Services has fixed Charles River Laboratories $13.5 cardinal retired of a imaginable grant magnitude of $27.5 cardinal since 2018 to breed and support the monkeys.

NIAID paid $8.9 cardinal of that $13.5 million.

The land is owned by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources and is leased to Charles River Laboratories.

‘Fear Experiments’

The land crossed WCWP’s radar erstwhile the radical was investigating “fear experiments” connected monkeys taking spot wrong of NIH’s laboratory successful Bethesda, Maryland.

A deeper dive into those abstracted experiments astatine NIH led WCWP to observe the root of the monkeys astatine Morgan Island.

“We started triangulating accusation astir that land with the experiments astatine the labs, and we recovered that Fauci’s labs are the azygous largest protagonist of that island,” Goodman said.

In 2020, determination were 3,521 monkeys connected the island, with 750 calved annually.

Between 500 and 600 of the monkeys are shipped to NIH and NIAID laboratories.

‘The Buck Stops With Him’

“It’s precise improbable that Fauci didn’t cognize astir this fixed the magnitude of wealth progressive and the information that these experiments are happening successful his ain laboratories,” Goodman said. “These aren’t being contracted determination else. They are happening successful his ain house. If he’s going to get recognition for immoderate bully helium does, helium needs to get blamed for immoderate atrocious that’s happening connected his ticker arsenic well. The subordinate stops with him, and he’s surely responsible.”

The monkeys were shipped from the Caribbean Primate Research Center to the land successful 1979.

According to, the monkeys reestablished their erstwhile societal groups from the Caribbean probe halfway aft being transported to the island.

‘Notoriously Unreliable’ 

Vaccine probe is the crushed fixed for immoderate of the experimentation; however, contempt their biologic similarities to humans, the NIH said that 9 retired of 10 drugs that walk tests connected animals neglect successful humans due to the fact that they don’t enactment oregon they are dangerous, Goodman said.

“Research shows that contempt their similarities to us, they are incredibly mediocre predictors of however vaccines and different drugs are going to enactment successful humans,” Goodman said.

WCWP has exposed six antithetic beagle experiments that Fauci has funded.

In 1 of the procedures highlighted, NIAID unit performed a “cordectomy,” which involves cutting a dog’s vocal cords truthful that it can’t bark, howl, oregon outcry during an experiment.

“The crushed that the Department of Health and Human Services gives connected its website for utilizing beagles is that they are tiny and docile, meaning they are casual to abuse,” Goodman said.

“White Coats,” Goodman said, “is a notation to those conducting the experiment, and ‘Waste’ is simply a notation to the horrible instrumentality connected concern the taxpayers are getting from this benignant of experimentation that agencies similar the NIH admit are incredibly inefficient and seldom amended quality health, though the NIH unsocial continues to walk $20 cardinal a twelvemonth connected carnal experimentation similar what’s being done to the monkeys from Morgan Island.”

Dr. Stacy Lopresti-Goodman, a primate expert, science professor, and WCWP adviser, said, “Primate experimentation is simply a cruel and notoriously unreliable mode to make drugs and treatments for humans, and it doesn’t merit taxpayers’ support.”

Dr. Tiffani Milless, a pathologist and aesculapian advisor to WCWP, said that “infecting nonhuman primates with achy and debilitating illnesses with the extremity of curing humans is not conscionable cruel, but it’s incredibly wasteful.”

“The NIH should halt squandering taxation dollars connected wasteful and cruel primate investigating that doctors similar maine cannot usage to really assistance people,” Milless said.

NIAID’s Response

When reached for remark connected the experiments, the NIAID said the monkeys are utilized by NIAID “for probe that helps make life-saving preventions and treatments for diseases affecting nationalist health.”

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