Islands of Abandonment by Cal Flyn audiobook review – post-human landscapes

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A vivid reflection connected the “post-human landscape”, Islands of Abandonment finds its writer embarking connected a bid of bold expeditions to analyse the marks near connected our onshore aft humans person retreated. Shortlisted for this year’s Baillie Gifford prize for nonfiction (the victor is announced connected 16 November), the publication describes the isolated and often eerily dystopian fortress islands, irradiated exclusion zones, abandoned towns and shuttered concern sites that person been recolonised by the earthy world.

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Flyn, who hails from the Scottish Highlands, reads the audiobook herself. There is nary fury oregon gnashing of teeth here; instead, her calmly hypnotic tones chime with the richly descriptive and atmospheric quality of her prose. She visits Chernobyl, wherever she meets the residents who person yet returned to their homes, and spends a nighttime connected an uninhabited Scottish land wherever feral cattle, the descendants of cows near by fleeing farmers successful the 1970s, roam free. Elsewhere, she travels to Estonia and the onshore that was erstwhile the tract of Soviet-era corporate farms, and to Plymouth successful Montserrat, a municipality entombed nether 40 feet of mud and lava prevention for the tops of the buildings.

This is acold from a expansive circuit of the world’s quality spots; immoderate of Flyn’s destinations are the astir damaged connected Earth. Yet, having acknowledged the devastation humans person wrought, she finds origin for optimism successful the astir desolate terrain wherever vegetation has flourished and the carnal kingdom has adapted. Flyn reveals however “when a spot has been altered beyond designation and each anticipation seems lost, it mightiness inactive clasp the imaginable for beingness of different kind”.

Islands of Abandonment: Life successful the Post-Human Landscape is disposable connected William Collins, 9hr, 6min.

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