Israeli Border Policeman Stabbed While Attempting to Question Palestinian at Damascus Gate Amid Wave of Terror Attacks

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An Israeli borderline policeman was stabbed successful the cervix by a Palestinian he was questioning at Jerusalem Old City’s Damascus Gate, constabulary said connected Sunday. The Palestinian was changeable and some are being treated for their wounds.

In different incident, Israeli soldiers changeable a Palestinian who infiltrated a Jewish colony connected Sunday, the Israeli service said. Another Palestinian was besides changeable and killed successful a basal disconnected with constabulary adjacent the West Bank barrier. The army said the shooting occurred aft soldiers spotted a fishy attempting to illegally transverse the information obstruction successful the municipality of Tulkarm.

“The soldiers operated to halt the fishy successful accordance with modular operating procedures, utilizing unrecorded fire,” according to an service spokesperson.

The Palestinian Health Ministry said the antheral was killed.

The incidents travel amid a question of panic attacks, 1 of which the panic radical Hamas arsenic claimed work for.

Just hours earlier the attacks connected Sunday, Israeli forces had caught 2 Palestinians who were suspected of sneaking into Israel and sidesplitting 3 radical successful the ultra-Orthodox Jewish municipality of Elad connected Israel’s Independence Day past Thursday.

Hours later, the service said a civilian changeable a knife-wielding Palestinian at the doorway of his location who had breached into the Tekoa colony successful the West Bank. The Palestinian Health Ministry said a 17-year-old Palestinian was killed astatine the scene.

Israeli borderline  constabulary  force Israeli soldiers unafraid the country astir Damascus gross to Jerusalem’s Old city, pursuing an incidental by the gate, connected May 8, 2022. (Ronen Zvulun/Reuters)

The sidesplitting of 3 radical successful Elad connected Thursday had led to a three-day manhunt by Israeli forces for 2 axe-wielding assailants who had tally done the town, immoderate 9 miles northbound of Tel Aviv.

The 2 men were captured connected Sunday successful a wood adjacent Elad, the Israeli service said. They person been identified by Israel arsenic residents of a colony adjacent the Palestinian metropolis of Jenin successful the West Bank.

Photos of the two, who appeared to beryllium unhurt, and of Israeli information men with guns pointed astatine their hiding place, were carried by Israeli quality websites aft they were taken into custody.

Since March, Palestinians and members of Israel’s Arab number person killed 18 people, including 3 constabulary officers and a information guard, successful attacks successful Israel and the West Bank that person mostly targeted civilians.

Israel has carried retired apprehension raids successful Palestinian towns and villages targeting these groups, which person often sparked clashes and brought the fig of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces oregon equipped civilians defending themselves since the opening of the twelvemonth to astatine slightest 42.

The casualties see equipped members of militant groups, lone assailants, and bystanders.

Hamas, the Islamist violent radical that controls Gaza, praised the Elad assault. It said the onslaught was a effect to Israeli actions astatine Al-Aqsa Mosque compound successful Jerusalem.

Over the past month, Palestinians and Israeli constabulary person repeatedly clashed astatine the delicate complex.

Palestinians and Jordan, the custodian of the tract that is the 3rd holiest successful Islam, impeach Israel of not doing capable to enforce a long-standing prohibition connected non-Muslim supplication there, which Israel denies.

The compound is Judaism’s holiest tract and the vestige of 2 past Jewish temples.

Reuters contributed to this report.

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