‘It nearly crushed me’: Brett Sutton resigns as Victoria’s chief health officer

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Victoria’s main wellness officer, Brett Sutton, says determination were moments during his clip arsenic the look of the state’s Covid-19 effect that would person “crushed” him were it not for the enactment of his family, arsenic helium announced his resignation connected Friday.

Sutton said helium would beryllium leaving the Department of Health aft 12 years to instrumentality up a presumption arsenic manager of wellness and biosecurity astatine the CSIRO from September.

Appointed arsenic main wellness serviceman successful 2019, helium was liable for overseeing the Victoria’s effect to the Covid-19 pandemic, which included one of the world’s longest lockdowns and restrictions specified arsenic a curfew and five-kilometre question limit.

His presumption garnered him personage status, but besides made him the people of conspiracy theories and decease threats.

Sutton said the unit of the nationalist role, including fronting near-daily property conferences and inquiries, took a toll connected him and his family.

“I judge successful a situation that that has to beryllium connected your shoulders, there’s nary escaping that and I was … successful the midst of that beast for a agelong time. Victoria carried the dense load successful that regard,” helium told reporters connected Friday.

“On the 1 hand, it’s helped maine to turn personally and professionally. On the different hand, it astir crushed maine and it surely weighed upon my household life, and I don’t privation them to person to transportation that successful the aforesaid mode ever again.”

A visibly affectional Sutton described his household arsenic his “rock” and thanked them, alongside his colleagues astatine the wellness section for their support.

“It’s the cumulative 16-hour days, sprinting for six months without a time disconnected and you know, you tin propulsion successful the vitriol and the decease threats and the intrusions and the benignant of barrage of lies that you spot particularly successful societal media,” helium said.

“Critiques are wholly fine, accountability is due for immoderate nationalist bureau holder. But the BS that is sometimes spouted retired determination is rather extraordinary.

“As overmuch arsenic you tin acceptable it aside, it inactive weighs connected you due to the fact that it’s directed truthful vociferously successful your direction.”

In December 2021, caller laws stripped the main wellness serviceman of the powerfulness to state a pandemic and enforce restrictions during a wellness crisis, with the work handed to the premier and wellness minister.

From this time, Sutton’s visibility began to fade, starring to reports of a clash with the premier, Daniel Andrews, which some person denied.

“I person a large narration the premier,” Sutton said connected Friday, though helium acknowledged “tensions” would ever beryllium betwixt nationalist wellness proposal and politics.

“I travel with my presumption and my filter, [and] they person broader considerations and they person constituents that they’re accountable to. But we talked it done and we came to decisions collectively.”

He said knowing what helium knows now, helium has immoderate regrets astir the pandemic effect but maintains helium ever enactment protecting the wellness and wellbeing of Victorians first.

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“There shouldn’t beryllium a idiosyncratic successful the satellite who’s been portion of the nationalist wellness effect who wouldn’t bespeak connected things they would bash differently,” Sutton said.

He said the satellite came to enactment connected the menace of Covid-19 “slowly”, including accepting the grounds of the airborne transmission of the virus.

“I privation the satellite had travel to that earlier,” Sutton said.

The Department of Health secretary, Euan Wallace, said details of Sutton’s resignation were yet to beryllium finalised, including a departure day and replacement details.

He thanked Sutton for “keeping the assemblage harmless and informed” during the pandemic.

The premier took to societal media to besides privation Sutton “all the precise best” for his adjacent role.

“As CHO, Brett helped support america informed, and supra all, safe,” helium wrote.

Former wellness curate Martin Foley said Sutton “always spoke information to power” and by putting the nationalist wellness effect first, helium “unequivocally saved lives”.