‘It’s Going to Be Crazy’: Snowbirds at Campground Eager for U.S. Border Reopening

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MILK RIVER, Alta.—Nearly 2 years of being caged successful Canada during the COVID−19 pandemic has immoderate snowbirds anxiously waiting successful their motorhomes and trailers successful confederate Alberta.

The Eight Flags Campground successful the tiny windswept municipality of Milk River, 18 kilometres from the Canada−United States border crossing astatine Coutts, is afloat of shiny, ample RVs.

It’s successful anticipation of onshore and oversea borderline crossings reopening Monday for afloat vaccinated Canadians. Such crossings were closed to non−essential question astatine the opening of the pandemic successful March 2020.

“All of a abrupt idiosyncratic said the border’s opening and it conscionable went nuts here,” said Helen Runka, who operates the campground.

“They said they’ve been waiting to spell backmost to the U.S. for 2 years and they’re not going to miss out.”

The campground, which has 35 sites, has doubly the fig of bookings for this weekend. Some overflowparking is being offered adjacent a shot diamond successful the town.

Runka said it’s astonishing however agelong immoderate of her guests person been waiting.

“The 1 implicit determination connected Site 3 volition person been present 18 days by the clip helium goes implicit the border,” she said.

“The different ones from Saskatchewan and Ontario … they’re lone present for 14 days.”

Donna Call and her hubby from Calgary pulled into the campground connected Oct. 21 connected their mode to Brenda, Ariz.

“It volition person been 17 days we’re going to beryllium here,” said Call, arsenic she sat a picnic array adjacent to her RV. The vehicle’s beforehand Arizona licence sheet reads “Desert Rat.”

Even the Alberta upwind has made her agelong for the sunshine of Arizona, she said.

“We’ve had snowfall here. It was like, nasty. It was −13C for 4 oregon 5 days.”

But she said they don’t program to beryllium lining up astatine the borderline connected Sunday night.

“If my hubby had his way, probably. But we’re going to permission astir 5 a.m. (Monday). I’m conscionable hoping it’s not backed up each the mode to present earlier we effort and propulsion out,” she said, pointing to a adjacent highway.

“You ne'er know. People could beryllium sitting determination astatine midnight.”

Don Breckenridge from Langham, Sask., said helium had hoped to beryllium pulling into an RV parkin Las Vegas connected Oct. 31. So he’s increasing anxious.

“If you look astatine the upwind up here, it happens to beryllium highly acold astatine night,” Breckenridge said.

“It’s conscionable going to beryllium a zoo successful present the past nighttime earlier it opens. It’s conscionable due to the fact that radical privation to get down earlier it’s truly snowing bad.”

One camper, 23−year−old Otto Miantz, has been touring Canada since leaving the Danish Royal Marines 4 months ago.

He present wants to sojourn the U.S.

“Just driving astir this one,” helium said knocking connected the apical of his car, “hiking and sleeping retired basically.”

Miantz plans to conscionable a person successful Montana past thrust done Idaho and Washington earlier crossing backmost into Canada to Vancouver.

He said helium wants to get up aboriginal to beryllium 1 of the archetypal ones crossed the borderline Monday.

“I’m expecting a batch of radical to beryllium down there. It’s going to beryllium crazy.”

By Bill Graveland

The Canadian Press


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