Italian election 2022: live official results

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Chamber of Deputies

0% of districts counted

Vote share50%

Final spot distribution*50%400 seats


0% of districts counted

Vote share50%

Final spot distribution*50%200 seats





Forza Italia

Brothers of Italy


Noi Moderati




Green/Left Alliance

Impegno Civico

Democratic party

Più Europa

Right alliance

Giorgia Meloni

Meloni's far-right party, Brothers of Italy, has overtaken Matteo Salvini's League arsenic the ascendant unit successful the Italian right

Left alliance

Enrico Letta

The accepted centre-left force, the Democratic party, leads an electoral confederation comprised of smaller leftwing, greenish and centrist parties

Five Star Movement

Giuseppe Conte

The populist enactment is moving alone, having triggered the drawback predetermination by withdrawing enactment from Mario Draghi's technocratic government

Centre alliance

Carlo Calenda

Alliance of 2 centrist parties which broke with the Democratic party, led by Carlo Calenda and erstwhile PM Matteo Renzi


A fistful of tiny parties is expected to participate parliament. These could see the Eurosceptic Italexit and the accepted autonomist parties of South Tyrol and Valle d'Aosta

One 3rd of seats are allocated to first-past-the-post single-member constituencies, with the different two-thirds coming from proportional enactment lists. But voters cannot divided their vote, by choosing a centrist constituency campaigner and a leftist proportional list, for instance. So the single-member ballot is simply a beardown indicator of each coalition's enactment successful a fixed area.

About the election

The ballot was triggered erstwhile the Five Star Movement abruptly withdrew its enactment for Mario Draghi’s technocratic government, but an predetermination was owed adjacent twelvemonth successful immoderate event.

The past election, successful 2018, brought the Five Star Movement to power, successful conjugation with Matteo Salvini’s rightwing populist League. Salvini aboriginal withdrew from the coalition, and Five Star formed a caller authorities with the centre-left Democratic party. Then, successful 2021, astir each parties supported the assignment of Mario Draghi arsenic premier minister.

Italy has a genuinely bicameral parliament, successful which the enclosure of deputies and the legislature person adjacent influence; immoderate instrumentality indispensable beryllium approved by both, and immoderate authorities indispensable person the enactment of both.

Since 2018, the size of some chambers has been reduced by half, but electoral instrumentality is the same. Two thirds of seats are assigned proportionally, portion the remainder are assigned successful first-past-the-post constituencies. This penalises smaller parties, and leads to the enactment of strategical alliances aimed astatine winning successful the single-member constituencies. Electoral alliances person nary bearing connected parties erstwhile members are elected, and won’t needfully reflector the creation of the adjacent authorities coalition.

Constituencies are broadly based connected population, with exceptions to warrant practice for 2 semi-autonomous regions, Val d’Aosta and Trentino-Alto Adige, and a tiny fig of seats successful each enclosure representing Italians who unrecorded overseas.

These results are the authoritative results arsenic released by the interior ministry, not the projections which broadcasters and others marque based connected samples of results.