Jair Bolsonaro’s security alleged to have used violence against Brazilian journalists at G20 - reports

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Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro’s information item allegedly utilized unit against Brazilian reporters covering his travel to Rome for the G20 meeting, section media reported.

The alleged attacks against Brazilian reporters, who Bolsonaro has agelong accused of treating him unfairly and publishing fake news, capped a grim play for the right-wing president.

Videos from G20 events connected Sunday showed him arsenic an isolated figure, who was not portion of the photograph taken astatine the Trevi fountain with satellite leaders. Out connected the streets of Rome, helium was loudly criticised for his handling of the country’s brutal pandemic, with critics calling him “genocidal”.

More than 600,000 radical person died from Covid-19 successful Brazil, the 2nd highest tally successful the satellite aft the United States. Bolsonaro has questioned the severity of the virus, shunned lockdowns, sowed vaccine doubts and pushed unproven cures. A Brazilian legislature sheet has recommended helium beryllium indicted for 9 crimes related to his handling of the pandemic, including crimes against humanity.

Newspaper O Globo reported allegations that broadcast writer Leonardo Monteiro of TV Globo was punched successful the tummy and pushed by Bolsonaro’s information aft asking the president wherefore helium didn’t be immoderate G20 events connected Sunday. A video taken by UOL writer Jamil Chade shows chaotic scenes with information unit jostling the property and Bolsonaro supporters chanting maltreatment astatine reporters.

A protester holding a placard against Jair Bolsonaro during a protestation  against the G20 connected  the sidelines of the leaders acme  connected  30 October.
A protester holding a placard against Jair Bolsonaro during a protestation against the G20 connected the sidelines of the leaders summit. Photograph: Stefano Montesi - Corbis/Corbis/Getty Images

It was not wide if the information officers were Brazilian oregon Italian. O Globo reported that Italians had been fixed the occupation of providing information to Bolsonaro.

The president’s bureau did not instantly respond to requests for remark connected the alleged unit oregon wherefore helium was missing from the leaders’ photo. The G20 property squad besides did not instantly respond to requests.

“Globo vehemently condemns the aggression against its analogous Leonardo Monteiro and different colleagues successful Rome and demands a implicit appraisal of responsibilities,” TV Globo said successful a statement.

Videos from the G20 events amusement Bolsonaro looking isolated.

The erstwhile service skipper has seen his planetary enactment diminish since erstwhile US president Donald Trump mislaid his re-election bid, portion Bolsonaro’s skepticism toward Covid-19, vaccines and biology concerns has won him fewer friends connected the planetary stage.

In 1 video taken by Jamil Chade, Bolsonaro is seen striking up a speech with Italian waiters arsenic planetary leaders chat among themselves successful the different portion of the room.

“This video of Bolsonaro walking astir unsocial successful the G20 league hall, portion different satellite leaders are chatting, is achy to watch, but it adequately reflects the illness of Brazil’s lasting successful the world,” Oliver Stuenkel, an planetary relations prof astatine the Getulio Vargas Foundation, a Brazilian university, tweeted.