Jalen Brunson questionable for Grizzlies game in latest Knicks injury blow

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Jalen Brunson already has emerged arsenic the Knicks’ astir indispensable player, making his abruptly iffy presumption — adjacent successful the abbreviated word — a imaginable concern. 

The $104 cardinal constituent defender didn’t signifier Saturday and has been listed arsenic questionable for the crippled Sunday against Ja Morant and the Grizzlies astatine the Garden with what the Knicks are calling a right-quad contusion suffered Friday successful the 4th fourth of their overtime nonaccomplishment to the Trail Blazers. 

“We’ll spot wherever helium is [on Sunday],” Knicks manager Tom Thibodeau said of Brunson aft signifier successful Tarrytown. “I deliberation he’s been truthful immense for us, conscionable due to the fact that of truthful galore antithetic qualities that helium has.” 

Brunson, who missed a imaginable go-ahead jumper successful the closing seconds of regularisation Friday, leads the Knicks with 21.8 points and 6.5 assists per crippled done their 9-10 start. 

Jalen Brunson is questionable for the Knicks' crippled  against the Grizzlies connected  Sunday.Jalen Brunson is questionable for the Knicks’ crippled against the Grizzlies connected Sunday.USA TODAY Sports

“The leadership, I deliberation constituent defender is simply a enactment position, and it helps you to negociate and power the team,” Thibodeau added. “I deliberation Jalen is truthful team-oriented, I deliberation it makes your squad play unselfishly. I deliberation we’re scoring a batch of points, and helium gives america an attack, a gait to the game, downhill, guys are playing disconnected each other. 

“And if you determination and you’re unfastened connected a cut, he’s gonna deed you. He wants to get the shot up the level accelerated and erstwhile we bash that, I deliberation it presents a batch of casual scoring opportunities for everybody.” 

Veteran backup Derrick Rose is besides inactive questionable aft helium missed the past 2 games with a toed injury. The Knicks would beryllium down to a operation of Immanuel Quickley and Miles McBride astatine the constituent if some Rose and Brunson are incapable to play. Thibodeau said the 34-year-old Rose looked “better” Saturday and participated successful “most of what we did” successful practice. 

McBride has averaged 5.3 points successful 14.7 minutes portion shooting 7-for-15 from the level implicit his past 3 appearances since Rose was injured successful Phoenix past Sunday. The second-year defender had totaled conscionable 13 minutes implicit the Knicks’ archetypal 16 games, but Thibodeau said he’s comfy if McBride needs to play an expanded relation connected Sunday. 

“Just his mentation and antiaircraft mindset. He’s worked truly hard, helium practices large each the time, truthful it gives america assurance that he’ll play good erstwhile he’s fixed the opportunity,” Thibodeau said. “And Quick, he’s gonna person a large role, obviously. If he’s successful determination with Deuce, they’re interchangeable, some guys tin tally it. Same happening erstwhile Derrick and Quick are successful together, they’re fundamentally interchangeable.” 

Of course, the situation for whichever constituent guards are disposable Sunday volition beryllium defending against Morant, the All-Star shot handler who is averaging a career-best 28.6 points and 7.3 assists successful his 4th NBA run for the Grizzlies (11-8). 

Jalen Brunson, right, suffered a close    quad contusion connected  Friday nighttime  against the TrailBlazers.Jalen Brunson, right, suffered a close quad contusion connected Friday nighttime against the Trail Blazers.AP

“With the velocity of the game, obviously, he’s a peculiar talent,” Thibodeau said. “He’s an MVP-type player, but his velocity is thing that a subordinate similar that, you’re not going to defender him individually. You person to defender him with your team. 

“They’re unselfish and they play disconnected each different highly well. So we are going to request a large effort for 48 minutes.” 

The Knicks went 3-2 connected their caller roadworthy travel against respective top-tier Western Conference clubs, but aft opening the play 3-0 astatine home, they person mislaid 4 of their past 5 games astatine the Garden. The lone triumph successful that agelong came against the Eastern Conference-worst Pistons, connected Nov. 11, with location losses against the Hawks, Celtics, Thunder and Trail Blazers. 

“I consciousness similar we person to play with a antithetic energy, a antithetic level of strength erstwhile we’re home,” guardant Obi Toppin said. “We person the crowd, we person everybody connected our back, it’s conscionable we gotta travel retired focused, and we gotta travel retired acceptable to play. 

“I felt similar we’re gotta commencement getting into that close now, due to the fact that we’ve mislaid a mates astatine location now. We cognize that location is simply a precedence and we gotta triumph those games. We’re gonna hole that, for sure.”