James Austin Johnson As Donald Trump Invades Glenn Youngkin’s Judge Jeanine Interview On ‘SNL’ — Watch

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November 7, 2021 12:51AM EDT

James Austin Johnson impressed fans with his Donald Trump impersonation connected ‘SNL’ arsenic helium took implicit Glenn Youngkin’s Judge Jeanine FOX quality interview.

Saturday Night Live newcomer James Austin Johnson made an content connected Saturday arsenic helium impersonated Donald Trump successful a hilarious sketch. The featured player, who joined the formed this season, did a dead-on content of the 45th president invading an interrogation with “Judge Janine,” aka Janine Pirro played by Cecily Strong to bulldoze Virginia governor-elect Glenn Youngkin played by Alex Moffat.

In the sketch, Glenn’s interrogation with the FOX News big went southbound erstwhile it was overtaken by the erstwhile president, who went connected assorted hilarious tangents successful a “Rundown.” Johnson’s Trump took connected akin vocal inflections and idiosyncrasies from the 75-year-old, getting mislaid connected random points astir things similar the “PC police,” the movie Dune, the histrion Jason Mamoa, and more, to yet ellipse backmost astir to the taxable of “Virginia,” aka Glenn’s authorities of office.

“I was ne'er there-there for Glenn, but I told tons of radical they should ballot for Glenn, okay?” Johnson arsenic Trump stated. “And you cognize what, astir radical don’t similar Glenn — but he’s a fantastic guy, okay?” the histrion hilariously quipped.

Fans truly couldn’t get capable of newcomer James Austin’s Trump impression, with galore radical lauding the show crossed societal media. “On #SNL, James Austin Johnson’s debut portrayal of Donald Trump contiguous is SCARY good… He has the dependable perfectly DOWN,” wrote 1 user. “James Austin Johnson’s Trump dependable is terrifyingly spot-on,” different idiosyncratic stated. “Wow, James Austin Johnson is CRUSHING the Trump impression,” different follower exclaimed. “Most close governmental content ever connected SNL, hands down!” 

Alex Moffat, James Austin Johnson Alex Moffat arsenic Glenn Youngkin and James Austin Johnson arsenic Donald Trump connected ‘SNL.’ (NBC)

James joined the formed for its 47th season. After getting his drama commencement successful Nashville, TN, James appeared successful assorted shows, including Tuca and Bertie, arsenic good arsenic respective movies, similar the Coen Brothers movie, Hail, Caesar! The comedian started gaining traction crossed the net for his impressions erstwhile videos of him impersonating Trump during the 2020 predetermination went viral. The clips, which featured him going connected astir random things specified as Scooby-Doo and Weird Al Yankovic‘s feud with Coolio. Those videos decidedly contributed to James’ emergence arsenic good arsenic the contented of ‘SNL’ sketches!