Jamie Skaar: 5 Things To Know About Michelle’s First 1-On-1 Date On ‘The Bachelorette’

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Michelle Young’s travel for emotion continues connected the Oct. 26 occurrence of ‘The Bachelorette,’ and Jamie Skaar is the fortunate feline to get the archetypal one-on-one day of the season.

Jamie Skaar volition spell connected a one-on-one day with Michelle Young connected the Oct. 26 occurrence of The Bachelorette. Before her play adjacent started, Michelle confirmed to Entertainment Tonight that she gave Jamie her archetypal one-on-one day of the season, and promised viewers that he’d marque a “memorable impression.” Previews for the occurrence uncover that Jamie shakes things up a small successful the house, arsenic well.

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In the pre-show clip, Jamie tells Michelle, “There’s been a full clump of speech today,” arsenic a narrator reveals successful the background, “One of those sparks tells 1 prevarication that shakes her trust.” At the clip of Jamie’s confession to Michelle, helium already has a roseate pinned connected his chest, which hints that the speech took spot astatine the cocktail party after she gave him the day rose. We’ll person to spot however this pans retired for Michelle and Jamie, but for now, larn much astir the 32-year-old here.

1. What Does Jamie Do? 

Jamie is the CEO and laminitis of a Biotech institution called SanctuAire, based retired of Tacoma Washington. He founded the institution successful March 2020 and boasts that it is “next procreation aerial purification” and “pure aerial for radical that care.” The company’s website reveals that it employs experts to springiness clients’ homes a wellness people and “comprehensive aesculapian study that profoundly analyzes the indoor prime of a home/business.”

Jame’s LinkedIn besides reveals that helium founded the institution Sol Solutions Today successful March 2015, but helium realized that it couldn’t run the aforesaid mode during the coronavirus pandemic arsenic it antecedently had. Sol Solutions has a akin intent to SanctuAire, with the extremity of teaching homeowners astir however what’s successful their location tin interaction their wellness and well-being. “Our solution focuses connected location health, show and longevity,” the statement reads. “We assistance homeowners amended indoor aerial quality, little and destruct inferior bills, alteration homeowner attraction costs, summation location values and marque a affirmative interaction connected clime change.” However, SanctuAire is much astir consulting with clients astir the circumstantial aerial prime issues successful their homes.

jamie skaarJamie Skaar successful his promo photograph for ‘The Bachelorette’ (ABC/Craig Sjodin)

Before uncovering his ain companies, Jamie worked arsenic the Lead Sales Trainer for Smart Energy Today, Inc. from Nov. 2012 until Jan. 2015. He was besides an Outside Sales Rep for ZipLocal from Aug. 2011 until Aug. 2012.

2. Where Did Jamie Go To School?

Jamie attended the University of Washington. He graduated successful 2011 with a Bachelor’s Degree successful Cognitive Psychology and Pyscholinguistics. He besides spent 1 twelvemonth studying overseas astatine Richmond, the American International University successful London, wherever helium majored successful International Business.

3. What Is Jamie Looking For In A Partner? 

“Jamie has a steadfast thought of precisely what helium needs successful a wife,” the 32-year-old’s ABC bio says. “He is looking for idiosyncratic to beryllium his spouse successful this never-ending escapade called life. She should beryllium independent, driven and ever acceptable to caput retired for meal astatine the newest section blistery spot. For Jamie, beingness is astir valuing taste experiences and making memories.” Could Michelle beryllium the 1 to acceptable the bill!?

michelle young jamie skaarMichelle Young meets Jamie Skaar connected ‘The Bachelorette.’ (ABC)

4. Jamie Loves Traveling

Jamie is simply a satellite traveler, and isn’t acrophobic to amusement up astatine the airdrome with nary destination successful mind. In fact, helium revealed successful his ABC bio that helium really did JUST that 1 time, and coiled up spending the week successful Uruguay without a plan. He besides erstwhile traveled to Ecuador conscionable to effort the cocoa there. Jamie besides posts tons of photos connected Instagram of his travels, and helium credits his ma with giving him the question bug. “Thank you to my ma for showing maine aboriginal however large and afloat of accidental this satellite is,” helium wrote connected Instagram successful Dec. 2020.

5. Jamie Is Vocal About Social Issues

Jamie is not acrophobic to talk up and talk his caput connected societal media. He has condemned racism connected his Instagram leafage connected a fig of occasions, and has besides stood up for adjacent rights for women. In June 2020, Jamie opened up astir the clip helium was astir killed erstwhile a achromatic antheral pulled a weapon connected him erstwhile helium was conscionable 22 years old. “This older antheral went to walk maine successful the bath and demanded I measurement retired of the mode truthful helium could spell by, contempt having capable space,” Jamie recalled. “I refused tand told him to spell by me. After going to the bath we happened to decorativeness astatine the aforesaid clip and ran into the aforesaid situation. The antheral stepped backmost into a shooting stance, reached down his backmost for what was a concealed weapon.” The concern ended erstwhile 2 strangers yanked Jamie retired of the bath earlier things got “really bad.”