Jan. 6 Panel May Try to Influence Pennsylvania Governor’s Race: Mastriano Attorney

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State Sen. Doug Mastriano, Pennsylvania’s Republican gubernatorial nominee, is scheduled to conscionable with the Jan. 6 Committee Aug. 9. It was to beryllium a voluntary interview, but the committee is present demanding a compelled deposition.

Epoch Times Photo Republican gubernatorial campaigner Doug Mastriano gives a triumph code astatine his election-night enactment astatine The Orchards successful Chambersburg, Pa.,  connected May 17, 2022. (Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images)

“Your committee is not legally capable to behaviour compelled depositions, which is wherefore each of my clients person each offered to enactment successful voluntary interviews,” Mastriano’s attorney, Timothy C. Parlatore, wrote successful an Aug. 5 missive to the committee. “Senator Mastriano is blessed to cooperate with your committee, arsenic helium has thing to hide. I bash person concerns that are peculiar to him, fixed the behaviour of the committee up to this point.”

Parlatore believes the Jan. 6 Committee whitethorn effort to influence Pennsylvania’s election.

“Given the committee’s demonstrated propensity for releasing edited clips of interviews without the requisite discourse to enactment a mendacious partisan narrative, I americium acrophobic that determination is simply a hazard that your committee volition bash the aforesaid to Senator Mastriano. Members of your enactment similar Sean Patrick Maloney, Democratic Campaign Chair, person openly admitted that the extremity of the hearings you are conducting is intended to overgarment the Republican Party arsenic irresponsible and powerfulness bare up of the midterms. For this reason, my lawsuit has morganatic concerns that your committee whitethorn effort to power the result of the Pennsylvania authorities elections done the dissemination of disinformation,” the missive said.

A spokesperson for the Jan. 6 Committee did not respond to a petition for comment.

Parlatore’s missive indicates that helium is consenting to let the gathering if helium tin marque his ain signaling of the interrogation that could beryllium released if the committee releases edited recordings of Mastriano that request much context.

“I was informed by your staffer that you rejected this connection and refused to marque immoderate counterproposals due to the fact that you privation to clasp sole dominion implicit the nationalist narrative,” the missive said. “Obviously, your refusal to adjacent sermon this is concerning, arsenic determination is nary downside to maine holding a 2nd signaling of the interview, unless the committee does, successful fact, mean to prosecute successful disinformation with Senator Mastriano’s interrogation and is acrophobic of immoderate accountability for that disinformation.”

The deficiency of a genuinely bipartisan committee infringes connected the rights of the witnesses and serves nary morganatic investigative purpose, Parlatore said.

“My lawsuit has important concerns that helium is being acceptable up for sanctions owed to the committee’s refusal to respect the bounds of privilege and deficiency of immoderate opposing viewpoints to enactment arsenic a counterbalance.”

Mastriano would look successful a deposition if the committee gets a ranking number subordinate designation from the Republican Steering Committee.

But earlier helium testifies successful that scenario, Parlatore would spell done the Regulations for Use of Deposition Authority to spot if each provisions person been met. If not, helium and Mastriano would permission and hold for each provisions successful the rules to beryllium met the by committee; a justice to regularisation that the committee does not request to comply with the rules; oregon they hold to a voluntary interview.

Mastriano attended the Jan. 6 rally successful Washington with galore different people. He has cooperated with the committee truthful far, providing documents it has requested.

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