Jared Goff’s return to face Rams perfect chance to change his narrative

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Sometimes, a alteration of scenery proves to beryllium productive and satisfying.

In the lawsuit of Matthew Stafford, it’s proving to beryllium career-altering for the best. In the lawsuit of Jared Goff, it’s proving to beryllium purgatory.

The 2 quarterbacks and their respective caller careers volition intersect erstwhile the Rams big the Lions astatine SoFi Stadium.

It volition beryllium a homecoming for Goff, who spent the archetypal 5 years of his NFL vocation with the Rams earlier being traded for Stafford this past offseason.

Stafford, who spent his archetypal 12 NFL seasons successful Detroit, is loving beingness with Los Angeles. His Rams are 5-1 entering Sunday’s crippled against his erstwhile team, which is 0-6.

Stafford predictably tried to downplay the value of Sunday’s moment, calling it “just similar each different game.”

Sure it is.

“It’s an NFL hostile coming into our building,” Stafford said.


Stafford was the No. 1-overall prime successful 2009 and is the proprietor of each large passing grounds successful Lions history.

Goff, who went to Detroit on with a 2021 third-round prime and first-round picks successful 2022 and 2023, was much forthcoming backmost successful the spring, erstwhile helium told reporters helium took the commercialized personally.

Jared GoffJared Goff is inactive searching for his archetypal triumph with the Lions.Getty Images

“I deliberation it builds that spot connected your enarthrosis a small bit,” said Goff, who was the No. 1-overall prime successful 2016. “I won’t prevarication astir that. There is that small other information and spot that you bash feel. … I americium truthful thankful for each my clip [in L.A.], but … you bash consciousness a small spot of, ‘Hey, let’s spot what we tin bash now.’ ’’

Goff’s tally with the Rams was funny successful that helium was productive: He completed 63.4 percent of his passes for 18,171 yards, 107 touchdowns with 55 interceptions, made 2 Pro Bowls and led the Rams to the Super Bowl successful the 2018 season.

Yet helium someway fell retired of favour with caput manager Sean McVay.

Goff told reporters aft the commercialized that helium was blindsided by it. McVay ne'er adjacent called Goff to archer him helium was being traded — thing the Rams manager this week said helium regretted.

“I privation determination was better, clearer communication,” McVay told reporters earlier this week. “To accidental that it was perfectly handled connected my end, I wouldn’t beryllium wholly close successful that. You don’t privation to drawback guys disconnected guard.’’

Through six games, Goff ranks adjacent the bottommost of the NFL successful passer rating, yards per effort and TD percentage. The Lions are averaging 18.2 points per game, which ranks 28th.

RamsMatthew Stafford is thriving with the Rams.Getty Images

Goff, speaking to reporters this week successful Detroit, utilized the connection “excitement’’ erstwhile projecting Sunday’s expected emotion.

“The world is that we request to win, and careless of who we’re playing this week, careless of my history,’’ Goff said.

Goff said facing his erstwhile teammates volition beryllium “fun.’’

“Of course, pregame you’re going to spot your friends and your aged teammates, aged coaches, aged unit members, and that volition beryllium bully to spot them,” helium said. “But, erstwhile that whistle blows, it’s the aforesaid arsenic immoderate different game. The emotions volition beryllium retired the model by then.’’

Defensive extremity Michael Brockers, who was a teammate of Goff’s with the Rams and is present with him successful Detroit, said: “For him, I deliberation this is precise important. [It’s] precise important for him conscionable to spell backmost [and] conscionable person a bully game, conscionable person a coagulated game. He’s a quality being, man. When you person each benignant of antithetic radical extracurricular benignant of mounting this communicative astir you and it’s not true, that’ll get anybody down.

“This is feline who I’ve seen spell 4-12 and past the adjacent twelvemonth spell 11-5.”

Goff and the Lions are looking for that benignant of turnaround, which would marque the commercialized the aforesaid benignant of palmy alteration of scenery it has been for Stafford.