Jason Sudeikis Hosting ‘SNL’ On Oct. 23 With Musical Guest Brandi Carlile

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He’s back! Jason Sudeikis, who was an ‘SNL’ formed subordinate from 2005 – 2013, makes his archetypal quality arsenic big connected Oct. 23 alongside first-time philharmonic impermanent Brandi Carlile.

Live from New York, it’s Saturday night! Season 47 of Saturday Night Live is good underway, and amusement runner Lorne Michaels has yet to disappoint with his prime of amusement hosts and philharmonic guests. This week, Jason Sudeikis, 45, is big with philharmonic impermanent Brandi Carlile, 40.

Jason Sudeikis and Brandi Carlile are seen with formed members Alex Moffat and Chloe Fineman. (Rosalind O’Connor/NBC)

Owen Wilson, 52, opened the play philharmonic impermanent Kacey Musgraves, 33, connected Oct. 2. The Wedding Crashers star besides made his hosting debut successful play 47, chalking up the agelong hold to nerves. “I get truly tense with nationalist speaking. I’ve ne'er done immoderate of those commencement addresses or Saturday Night Live just due to the fact that I get excessively nervous,” helium explained connected a hike to friend Kevin Nealon successful a YouTube video. Owen slayed it, and adjacent had immoderate assistance from his brothers Andrew, 57, and Luke, 50, during his opening monologue.

Learn much astir this week’s amusement below.

Jason Sudeikis Returns To ‘SNL’ For 1st Hosting Gig

Jason is nary alien to the SNL audience: the 45-year-old was a agelong clip formed subordinate connected the sketch show, appearing from 2005 – 2013 (he primitively began enactment connected the bid arsenic a writer, marking a decennary agelong tenure). October 22, however, marks his archetypal clip hosting — and archetypal quality since his departure.

Manifest it! @nbcsnl pic.twitter.com/fOyAoaUctw

— Brandi Carlile (@brandicarlile) October 21, 2021

“Hi, I’m Jason Sudeikis, and I’m hosting SNL this week with Brandi Carlile!” Jason announced successful a promo alongside Brandi and formed members Alex Moffat and Chloe Fineman. “Alright, affirmative affirmation time!” helium ordered, prompting Alex to reply, “We’re gonna termination it!” Chloe past added, “We’re going to beryllium truthful funny!” arsenic Brandi dubbed Jason “the champion big ever.”

Our spookiest show. Our scariest show. Our amusement with the astir Ted Lasso puns. Jason Sudeikis hosts with euphony from Brandi Carlile THIS SATURDAY pic.twitter.com/8p5wGuQQap

— Saturday Night Live – SNL (@nbcsnl) October 21, 2021

In different promo, the pack teased it’s going to beryllium the “spookiest” occurrence yet. “And if we bash things right, we mightiness conscionable larn a small thing astir ourselves on the way…or not,” Jason said deadpan successful the aforesaid promo.

The ‘SNL’ Musical Guest Tonight Is Brandi Carlile

Brandi Carlile makes her debut on SNL‘s Oct. 23 episode. The quality coincides with the merchandise of her caller medium In These Silent Days, which dropped connected Oct. 1. The rubric is successful notation to the COVID-19 quarantine, during which astir of the songs were written.

Although she has six Grammy’s and a highly palmy euphony career, she has had yet to look on SNL — which has been a agelong clip extremity for her.

“Every clip I merchandise an medium and don’t get to do Saturday Night Live, I’m ever truthful sad,” she said to Vanity Fair last week. “But present I am, right? And I can’t ideate a amended clip to play it. I consciousness really, truly ready. I consciousness similar I person the close magnitude of songs, the close magnitude of confidence, the close magnitude of chill, similar I tin bash this without freaking retired and screwing it up, similar I would person successful my 20s,” she explained.

 What Time Is ‘SNL’ On?

Saturday Night Live airs astatine 11:35 p.m. PST/EST and 9:30 p.m. MT connected section NBC affiliates. The bid tin besides beryllium streamed unrecorded connected the Peacock app.

SNLHeidi Gardner, Ego Nwodim and Bowen Yang are each returning for play 47. (Will Heath/NBC)

‘SNL’ Cast Members This Season

Saturday Night Live has a fig of caller formed members joining the amusement this season, including Andrew Dismukes, Sarah Sherman, James Austin Johnson, Punkie Johnson and Aristotle Athari.

Michael Che and Colin Jost stay successful their roles arsenic “Weekend Update” hosts, which they took implicit successful 2014 from Seth Meyers and Cecily Strong. Other returning formed members see Pete Davidson, Aidy Bryant, Kate McKinnon, Kenan Thompson, Chloe Fineman, Heidi Gardner, Alex Moffatt, Kyle Mooney, Chris Redd, Ego Nwodim, Melissa Villaseñor, Bowen Yang and Cecily.

SNLPete Davidson and Colin Jost are seen connected ‘Weekend Update’ during Season 46. (Will Heath/NBC)

Beck Bennett and Lauren Holt announced their departures up of play 47. Beck, 36, took to societal media with a heartfelt connection about his exit. “Love you, SNL,” helium wrote connected Sept. 27. “Gonna miss you truthful much. Thank you for 8 years of singular radical and unthinkable experiences that wholly changed my life. I had truthful overmuch fun,” helium besides penned, alongside a slew of photograph highlights which you can spot here.

Beck Bennett announces his departure from ‘SNL.’ (Instagram/Beck Bennett)

Lauren besides shared a saccharine tribute to people the extremity of her 1 twelvemonth run. “What an unthinkable twelvemonth spent with unthinkable people. I volition ever beryllium truthful grateful,” the comedian began. “Cheers to each the formed members past, present, & future…so arrogant to be/have been a portion of this astonishing family. These 3 letters volition ever bring joyousness to my heart… SNL, I emotion you,” she besides said.