Jason Sudeikis Reprises His ‘Joe Biden’ Alongside James Austin Johnson & Alex Moffat’s On ‘SNL’

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October 23, 2021 11:42PM EDT

Jason Sudeikis made his archetypal ‘SNL’ quality successful years! The histrion was a long-running formed subordinate connected the bid earlier departing successful 2013.

Jason Sudeikis, 45, is back! The histrion appeared connected  Saturday Night Live for his first-ever hosting gig connected Saturday, Oct. 23 — and reprised his relation arsenic Joe Biden! New comer James Austin Johnson opened with his caller instrumentality connected the existent president successful an Oval Office set. Seemingly exhausted, helium pondered — what happened to his aged self?

In travel Jason’s Biden, who helium hasn’t portrayed since 2013! “I’m you! I’m you from 8 years ago. The shade from Biden’s past — boo!” Jason hilariously quipped, visibly casual successful a bomber overgarment and shot chapeau (Johnson’s Biden, however, was successful a afloat suit and tie).

Jason Sudeikis reprises his Joe Biden, left, alongside James Austin Johnson’s Joe, right. (NBC)

“Yeah, partner, wherever I’m from — we’re inactive VP. Easiest occupation successful the world. We’re similar America’s wacky neighbor…we popular successful with crystal cream, shingle a fewer hands, hitch a fewer shoulders,” Jason’s Biden explained to his aboriginal self, played by James’ version, who tried to capable his past aforesaid successful connected the past 8 years (including Donald Trump).

“The past president ruined everything! Ordering McDonald’s to the White House, hanging retired with strippers,” helium began, arsenic Jason’s Biden quipped the “only mansion I attraction astir is the Playboy Mansion — that’s classical 2K-13 Biden!”

SNL cast subordinate Alex Moffatt — who played Biden erstwhile successful 2013 — besides joined the fun. “Who the hellhole are you?” Jason’s Biden asked. “I’m Joe Biden?” Alex’s Biden replied to a confused Jason and James were intelligibly confused. “From When?” Jason’s Biden past inquired. “March 2021?” Alex replied, arsenic the 2 dismissed him.

“I should conscionable mosey backmost connected 2013, I conscionable got tickets to a concert,” Jason suggested, earlier giving James immoderate advice. “We whitethorn beryllium from antithetic eras — astatine the extremity of the day, we’re some Joe-freaking-Biden.”

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— Saturday Night Live – SNL (@nbcsnl) October 23, 2021

Jason’s vocation has exploded since his long-running tenure at SNL, which began arsenic a writer earlier becoming a formed subordinate successful 2005 (he near successful 2013 aft a decade). Most recently, the histrion has starred successful arguably the biggest deed connected Apple TV+, Ted Lasso. The Fairfax, Virginia autochthonal plays the rubric quality successful the series, which follows the communicative an American assemblage shot manager who led the Wichita State Shockers to a Division II NCAA championship.

The fashionable amusement adjacent led to Jason’s first-ever Emmy successful Sept. 2021, wherever SNL showrunner Lorne Michaels teased the erstwhile formed member’s return. “Jason Sudeikis volition beryllium coming backmost soon,” the Canadian-born shaper said to press, declining to connection much details. Jason was aboriginal confirmed alongside Owen Wilson, Kim Kardashian and Rami Malek arsenic 1 of the archetypal 4 hosts to footwear disconnected play 47.