Jaylen Brown rips Draymond Green: ‘Got a podcast and lost his damn mind’

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Jaylen Brown appears to person had capable of Draymond Green’s summertime of pettiness.

The Celtics prima tweeted that Green “lost his dam [sic] mind” successful effect to a clip that showed the Warriors prima discussing guarding Brown  during the 2022 NBA Finals.

During a unrecorded crossover lawsuit with Green’s podcast and “The Old Man & the Three,” Green said helium knew helium “took [Brown’s] heart” erstwhile the Celtics prima “went successful the media and said [I] was trying to propulsion his shorts down.”

Brown reposted the clip successful a tweet Thursday, and wrote, “Draymond got a Podcast and mislaid his dam [sic] caput .. you could never.”

The concern successful which Green referenced occurred during Game 2 of the NBA Finals, erstwhile the 2 players got tangled up successful the 2nd quarter, and Green appeared to propulsion down Brown’s shorts. Green — who already had a method astatine the clip aft a abstracted tussle with Grant Williams — was not assessed a 2nd one. The Warriors’ bushed the Celtics, 107-88, in Game 2.

Jaylen BrownJaylen BrownNBAE via Getty Images

“When Jaylen Brown went successful the media and said, ‘He tried and pulled my shorts down,’ I knew I took his heart,” Green said. “I knew I took his heart. And not that I’ll person it adjacent year. I gotta regain it adjacent twelvemonth and the adjacent clip we play them, but I knew for the remainder of that series, I had him. Because you cognize you’re lasting implicit maine and you gotta spell to the media and say, ‘He was trying to propulsion my shorts down.’ Like travel on, bro, you’re lasting implicit me. Like, ain it.”

After Game 2, Brown besides said the Celtics weren’t acrophobic of the Warriors, which Green did not forget.

“Another happening helium said and I sent it to our team, helium said, ‘We are not acrophobic of the Golden State Warriors,'” Green said. “I sent it to our squad successful the radical chat and said, ‘We ARE acrophobic of the Golden State Warriors.’

“Because cipher asked you are y’all acrophobic of us? Why the f–k are you talking astir that? He’s like, ‘We are not acrophobic of them. We volition bash this and we’ll bash that.’ I knew astatine that point. I’m like, yup, this is babe nutrient and this is implicit and we’re gonna locomotion connected retired of present with a championship.”

That’s precisely what the Warriors coiled up doing aft beating the Celtics successful six games to win their 4th rubric successful 8 years.

Since Green collected his 4th ring, helium has been connected a trolling tear, utilizing societal media and his podcast platforms to speech trash.

The Celtics and Warriors look each different doubly successful the 2022-23 regular season.