Jelani Day's Mother Asks Bloomington Police To Give Phone To FBI

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The 25-year-old postgraduate pupil was past seen August 24. His mother, Carmen Bolden Day, is asking the FBI to instrumentality implicit the case.

NEWSY'S CHANCE SEALES: Newsy Tonight is continuing to travel the disappearance and decease probe of postgraduate pupil Jelani Day. Thursday saw a large improvement successful the lawsuit has Jelani's household and friends hopeful for caller accusation and somewhat skeptical of police. Jelani, an Alabama A&M postgraduate and an Illinois State University grad pupil was past seen astatine Beyond Hello Cannabis Dispensary successful Bloomington, IL connected August 24. His conveyance was recovered conscionable 2 days aboriginal successful a wooded country successful Peru, Illinois, astir 60 miles away. On September 4, an unidentified assemblage was recovered successful the stream successful LaSalle County, Illinois. It was determined to beryllium Jelani connected September 23. On October 26, constabulary told the nationalist Jelani's origin of decease was drowning with nary signs of homicide. Throughout this investigation, Jelani's cellphone has been missing, on with immoderate clues it mightiness hold. Now, his parent says it’s been found, it’s successful constabulary custody and Jelani's household wants a accidental successful the upcoming process. Someone who's been starring the fight, pushing for answers surrounding Jelani's disappearance and decease is his mother, Carmen Bolden Day and she joins america again. Carmen, since we began talking — a fewer months agone astatine this constituent — a large question ever lingered successful our conversations: Where is Jelani cellphone? What clues could it hold? And present you archer america the Bloomington, Illinois constabulary person it?  

CARMEN BOLDEN DAY: Yes, the Bloomington constabulary having successful their possession and I'm conscionable wondering wherefore they person it successful their possession.  

SEALES: Can you explicate however it came to beryllium successful their custody? Because you wrote connected Facebook astir this that seemingly a feline says his person oregon acquaintance recovered it connected the broadside of the road, turned it successful astatine Walmart, they took it to constabulary — it’s this truly convoluted concatenation of custody.  

DAY: Well from what I understand, the man was going down the interstate and a mattress fell disconnected the backmost of his truck. He stopped his motortruck to unafraid the mattress backmost connected the truck. He recovered a phone. He said that the telephone had been shattered. He ended up taking it to a kiosk astatine a Walmart due to the fact that helium said that the telephone didn't work. He took it to a Kiosk astatine Walmart. He received $80 for the phone. He did this connected October 17. Today is November the 11th. I recovered retired astir the phone, that the telephone had been recovered and had been identified arsenic Jelani's telephone aboriginal this morning, possibly astir 1 oregon 2 o'clock this morning. However, the young antheral had fto maine cognize that helium got questioned 2 days ago. So, the constabulary person been alert of this, they've known astir the phone. They person not made maine aware. According to Peru, successful Bloomington, the FBI is assisting and providing resources. When I contacted them today, they told maine that they didn't archer maine astir the telephone due to the fact that they wanted to beryllium sure. They past told maine that they were going to look into Jelani's telephone to spot what was connected there. I questioned wherefore they would spell done the telephone and she said to me, "Carmen, if you don't privation america to spell done the telephone fto maine cognize present and we'll crook it implicit to the FBI" and I told her that's what I similar for her to do. So, if they tin crook it implicit to the FBI and not messiness with it — due to the fact that astatine this point, I request the FBI involved. I request them to not supply oversight, not to beryllium engaged but to instrumentality implicit this case. 

SEALES: Overall, does the communicative beryllium close with you? You know, a mother's feeling oregon intuition that a antheral happened to halt connected the interstate and Jelani's telephone happened to beryllium astatine that nonstop spot connected the interstate? 

DAY: The country that the young antheral described the telephone recovered in, was the aforesaid country that I primitively had searched that exit. I didn't hunt that area, but the exit that the roadworthy leads to get disconnected connected that, I was determination and I had told the constabulary that that is an country that needs to beryllium looked at, cameras request to beryllium looking astatine that connected that road.  

SEALES: That was successful Bloomington? 

DAY: That was successful Bloomington. I had spent an full time looking, going to antithetic businesses. Actually I recovered a Dollar General successful that country that fto maine beryllium successful that store for 4 hours to ticker their cameras wherever I judge I saw Jelani's car and I did fto the constabulary cognize that I saw that exit that was connected that roadworthy and I wondered is this a mode that my son's car could person went. I made each of those concerns alert to the Bloomington police. 

SEALES: This benignant of falls into a pattern, I deliberation is what you're saying. Someone other finds the phone, idiosyncratic other recovered the car, his clothes, his wallet, that it's conscionable been precise piecemeal and antithetic radical involved. You bash not privation the constabulary to hunt Jelanie's phone. Why is that?  

DAY: Because I don't spot them astatine this point. If you look astatine however the grounds has been found: The car is recovered successful 1 place, I'm told astir the antithetic radical that recovered the car, past it's the wallet that is recovered and they accidental it's Jelani that walked, but there's a antheral and his lad that recovered the wallet. Then, 2 bored young ladies from ISU spell looking for Jelani and they find his covering by a stream bank. And now, the telephone is recovered connected the interstate. Nothing adds up. Nothing adds up. And past each it tells maine is that maine and my prayers and radical that are astir maine that are listening and wanting to find answers excessively are the lone ones that are looking for answers. So, astatine this constituent things are conscionable falling into the laps of the police. So no, I don't spot the Peru police. I don't spot the Bloomington police. I don't spot the LaSalle police, I request the FBI to travel successful and instrumentality over.  

SEALES: In the past, I cognize you've been truly upset saying you felt similar the constabulary were not doing enough. I deliberation you called them lazy online saying they’re lazy instrumentality enforcement. Now it seems similar they're insisting that they volition ain this investigation, that they volition hunt the telephone oregon perchance crook it implicit to the FBI. Is determination a tug of warfare processing here?  

DAY: I'm not trying to make a tug of warfare due to the fact that I've ever been that genitor that has wanted to beryllium cooperative, compliant, not beryllium viewed arsenic "the aggravated Black woman." But now, arsenic I beryllium here, I consciousness arsenic if those are things I should person done from the gross due to the fact that present I americium angry. I'm precise angry. 

SEALES: And cipher has been much forceful connected this than you. You've been Jelani's biggest advocate. We cognize that determination has been nary 1 coming guardant with the captious accusation you've been wanting. You know, “Where was he? What happened?” Are determination immoderate different gaps that you request filled successful contiguous that possibly radical could assistance with? 

DAY: If radical could conscionable — We cognize that the past spot that helium was seeing was successful the Beyond Hello area. His telephone past pinged astatine 9:20 AM. Now that I cognize that this telephone was recovered connected the broadside of the interstate — those businesses that are located disconnected of that East Main Street successful Bloomington, Illinois — If they tin recall, if anybody tin callback connected August 24 being successful that area, seeing his car, seeing him — If they person immoderate information, please, delight interaction the FBI, interaction the authorities, interaction me. I made myself unfastened connected societal media. I americium trying to bash everything I tin to find retired what happened to Jelani. It is important to maine to cognize what happened to Jelani. 

SEALES: You person been his top champion and you've travel connected present nighttime aft nighttime and spoken retired nighttime aft night. And I truly admit it, Carmen Bolden Day. We told you we were gonna instrumentality with you done this lawsuit and we will.  

DAY: Well I admit you for keeping your connection and sticking with me. I truly do. 

Before talking with Carmen, Newsy Tonight did scope retired to Bloomington, Illinois and Peru, Illinois Police Departments. Neither has returned the calls.