Jemima Khan cuts links with The Crown over treatment of Diana’s final years

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Jemima Khan, a adjacent person of Princess Diana, pulled retired of helping to publication Netflix’s The Crown due to the fact that the communicative was not being handled “as respectfully oregon compassionately” arsenic she had hoped, she has said.

Khan said she was brought successful to assistance the show’s creator, Peter Morgan, constitute the publication of the 5th series, which includes the years starring up to Diana's decease successful a Paris car clang successful 1997.

Khan, a well-connected movie and tv producer, was portion of Diana’s societal ellipse astatine the time. She has ne'er spoken publically astir their relationship but, she told the Sunday Times: “It was truly important to maine that the last years of my friend’s beingness beryllium portrayed accurately and with compassion, arsenic has not ever happened successful the past.”

Those years see Diana’s romances with the bosom surgeon Hasnat Khan and Dodi Fayed, the lad of the billionaire proprietor of Harrods, Mohamed Al Fayed. There was besides the Panorama interrogation with Martin Bashir when, referencing Camilla Parker Bowles, Diana said: “Well, determination were 3 of america successful this marriage, truthful it was a spot crowded.”

Khan said erstwhile she had realised that the stories were going successful a absorption she did not hold with she requested that each her contributions beryllium removed and asked not to person a penning credit.

“In 2019, Peter Morgan asked maine to co-write connected the 5th bid of The Crown, peculiarly those episodes which acrophobic Princess Diana’s past years earlier she died,” she said. “After a large woody of thought, having ne'er spoken publically astir immoderate of this before, I decided to contribute.

“We worked unneurotic connected the outline and scripts from September 2020 until February 2021. When our co-writing statement was not honoured, and erstwhile I realised that peculiar storyline would not needfully beryllium told arsenic respectfully oregon compassionately arsenic I had hoped, I requested that each my contributions beryllium removed from the bid and I declined a credit.”

The adjacent bid is expected successful November 2022. The Australian histrion Elizabeth Debicki, who came to prominence aft her portrayal of Jordan Baker successful Baz Luhrmann’s movie The Great Gatsby and aboriginal The Night Manager and Tenet, volition play Diana, taking implicit from Emma Corrin.

Filming for the bid began successful July, with Dominic West taking implicit from Josh O’Connor arsenic Prince Charles. Imelda Staunton succeeded Olivia Colman arsenic the Queen, Jonathan Pryce replaced Tobias Menzies arsenic Prince Philip and Lesley Manville took implicit from Helena Bonham Carter arsenic Princess Margaret. Also successful the formed are Jonny Lee Miller arsenic John Major and Bertie Carvel arsenic Tony Blair.

Khan is the girl of the precocious Eurosceptic financier Sir James Goldsmith, the sister of the erstwhile curate Zac Goldsmith and ex-wife of Pakistan’s premier minister, Imran Khan.

In a connection to the Sunday Times, a spokesperson for The Crown said: “Jemima Khan has been a friend, instrumentality and a vocal nationalist protagonist of The Crown since play one. She has been portion of a wide web of well-informed and varied sources who person provided extended inheritance accusation to our writers and probe tea, providing discourse for the play that is The Crown. She has ne'er been contracted arsenic a writer connected the series.”