Jermell Charlo warns Tim Tszyu with championship matchup set: ‘My punch is different’

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Jermell Charlo didn’t spot thing special. 

Moments aft viciously beating Tony Harrison via ninth-round TKO Saturday nighttime to amended to 22-0, Tim Tszyu declared “I’ve bushed the antheral who bushed the man.” 

Well, Charlo now looms adjacent for Tszyu

And the champ wasn’t overly impressed with what helium saw.  

Charlo (35-1), who is the undisputed inferior middleweight champion with each 4 belts, was acceptable to marque his archetypal undisputed rubric defence versus Tszyu successful January, but was forced to retreat aft breaking his manus successful training. 

The 28-year-old Tszyu alternatively turned to Harrison, who is the lone combatant to decision Charlo (although Charlo avenged his nonaccomplishment successful a rematch 1 twelvemonth later), with the victor earning a changeable astatine the titles. 

Jermell CharloJermell Charlo is presently the undisputed inferior middleweight champion. Getty Images
Tim Tszyu celebrates aft  defeating Tony Harrison connected  March 11.Tim Tszyu celebrates aft defeating Tony Harrison connected March 11. Getty Images

Charlo was near to ticker the one-sided slugfest arsenic a spectator, which helium did arsenic a impermanent expert connected Showtime’s broadcast squad during the bout, waiting to find retired who volition adjacent beryllium crossed from him successful the ring. 

“He doesn’t truly amusement a batch of athleticism to me,” the 32-year-old Charlo told The Post from CBS Broadcast Center successful Manhattan aft the bout. “When you’ve got skills, and you’ve got styles and you’ve got powerfulness each together, you get 4 belts. He’s going to beryllium a pugnacious combat due to the fact that he’s coming forward, but I deliberation he’s cleanable for my style.”

“I cognize helium can’t instrumentality my punch, due to the fact that I conscionable cognize my punch is different. He’s going to bash the aforesaid thing. He’s not going to alteration much.” 

Tszyu, a Sydney, Australia autochthonal warring successful his hometown against Harrison, wasted nary clip calling retired Charlo aft his win, promising him that he’ll travel to America and instrumentality Charlo’s titles from him. 

Having to doubly gain the accidental owed to Charlo’s injury, Tszyu has agelong been waiting for this nonstop matchup, and accidental for history. 

Since January, Charlo has been waiting for Tszyu arsenic well. 

The bout is expected to instrumentality spot this summer. 

“It conscionable made maine privation to fight, conscionable get this implicit with, unopen him up,” Charlo said. “I’ve unopen a batch of them up, it’s conscionable different one.” 

Charlo is presently 1 of lone 3 undisputed champions crossed each of boxing (Canelo Alvarez astatine ace middleweight and Devin Haney astatine lightweight are the different two) and 1 of conscionable 9 antheral undisputed champions ever since the athletics entered the four-belt era.   

Yet, adjacent with a adjacent flawless grounds and historical accolades, helium inactive finds himself missing retired connected the apical of boxing’s hierarchy. 

Jermell CharloJermell Charlo, left, punches Brian Castano during his most-recent bout. Getty Images

On astir pound-for-pound lists, Charlo is adjacent the bottommost of the top-10, oregon near disconnected the database completely. 

What gives?

“I conscionable deliberation I person a duplicate member [WBC middleweight champion Jermall]. And due to the fact that I person a twin, that already gets capable attention,” Charlo said. “And past they comparison america a lot, truthful it conscionable makes it harder for idiosyncratic to really really, really, look astatine my value part and my class.”

“I’ve been present for a agelong time, 10-plus years successful this division, conscionable been banging everybody, knocking everybody out. Still don’t get the emotion and respect. I’m nary longer caring astir it, I conscionable wanna beryllium great, marque millions of dollars, and person fun.” 

Tim Tszyu, right, punches Tony Harrison during their bout.Tim Tszyu, right, punches Tony Harrison during their bout. Getty Images

Tszyu, the lad of the legendary Kostya, has been 1 of boxing’s fastest-rising prospects and has hardly blinked en way to Charlo. 

All Charlo sees, however, is an hostile to bring him what he’s agelong deserved. 

“I ain’t ne'er truly got the respect, truthful I stopped caring astir the respect that they springiness me,” Charlo said. “As agelong arsenic I cognize I americium completing each the tasks that I’m expected to bash successful my career, I effort my champion not to enactment truthful focused connected who is connected the pound-for pound, oregon who’s not connected the pound-for-pound. Keep focus, I conscionable privation to beryllium capable to provender my household and beryllium steadfast erstwhile I get older.”

“Hopefully I tin bash much and propulsion myself. Sometimes I spell backmost and look astatine immoderate of my fights, and I privation to bash better. I privation to bash more, truthful this gives maine a accidental to marque them springiness maine my respect. I don’t attraction anymore astir each that, I’m conscionable going to beryllium the aforesaid idiosyncratic that I am, and mature a small spot more, and conscionable beryllium a beast.”