Jesse Spencer Reveals He’ll Return To ‘Chicago Fire’ After Casey’s Exit: ‘I’ll Be Back’

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October 21, 2021 9:15AM EDT

Matthew Casey won’t beryllium gone forever. Jesse Spencer admitted that portion he’s ‘stepping back’ from ‘Chicago Fire’ astatine the moment, helium volition beryllium coming backmost astatine immoderate point.

During Chicago Fire’s 200th episode, Matthew Casey said his goodbyes and headed to Oregon to instrumentality attraction of the Darden boys. Jesse Spencer left the long-running firefighter play aft 10 seasons, but helium won’t beryllium gone for good. He explained to reporters, including HollywoodLife, that helium volition instrumentality to the play astatine immoderate constituent successful the future.

“As a lead, you don’t privation to permission a show. But I wanted to permission the show. It was clip for me,” helium said. “It was OK [saying goodbye] due to the fact that determination is the imaginable for maine to travel back. I inactive americium successful Chicago close now. I’m not moving disconnected to Los Angeles oregon anything, though I mightiness flight for a small spot for the winter… My location present with my woman [Kali Woodruff Carr] is successful Chicago, and I’m inactive going to beryllium here, I’m conscionable stepping backmost for close now.”

Jesse SpencerJesse Spencer departed ‘Chicago Fire’ during the October 20 episode. (NBC)

He added, “It’s been an astonishing run. I couldn’t person asked for thing more. I’ll miss it. I’m stepping distant but I’ll beryllium back.”

Casey and Brett’s narration volition beryllium long-distance for the clip being. Jesse acknowledged that this narration had been gathering up for 3 years, truthful helium knows that fans privation to spot more. “We’ve been establishing this narration for 3 years, and we yet conscionable got there. Casey’s leaving and going to Oregon for the close reasons,” the Uptown Girls prima said. “There is the accidental that I volition travel back. We’re toying with, ‘Will Casey travel back?’ … That’s a anticipation for maine too.”

Casey has to travel backmost for Stella and Severide’s upcoming wedding, right?! Chicago Fire creator and showrunner Derek Haas is “hoping” Jesse volition beryllium capable to instrumentality for that peculiar occasion.

Jesse SpencerCasey with 1 of the Darden boys. (NBC)

“I ne'er effort to foretell what’s going to hap production-wise, but we’re successful the campy of whenever Jesse wants to travel bash an occurrence with us, we volition determination mountains and Earth to marque that happen,” Derek said alongside Jesse. “We’ve been talking, we’ve got immoderate ideas of what that would beryllium and I’d accidental you deed the nail connected the caput what immoderate of those moments mightiness be.” Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays connected NBC.