Jessica Simpson says new song about addiction ‘healed’ her

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Jessica Simpson Jessica Simpson gets emotionally susceptible successful her latest philharmonic merchandise -- a screen of "Particles" by Nothing But Thieves -- which she said saved her.

Jessica Simpson’s instrumentality to the euphony country came implicit with a unsocial rendition of 1 of her favourite songs — showing a stripped-down, susceptible mentation of the vocalist not antecedently seen successful her bubbly popular singles.

In a screen of “Particles” by Nothing But Thieves, she sings, “Baby, archer maine if I’m being strange, and if I request to rearrange my particles, I volition for you, my particles, I volition for you.”

In the accompanying euphony video, the 41-year-old sits unsocial successful a country lit with flickering candles amongst stained glass, singing into a microphone.

“The full thought of euphony heals is simply a precise existent connection to me,” she wrote successful the statement of the video. “This opus healed a breached portion of me.”

The opus comes aft cryptically alluding to the merchandise connected Twitter, which followed a much superior thread of tweets astir her past acquisition with addiction.

Jessica SimpsonThe 41-year-old released a video with the song, featuring her successful a country alone, singing the stripped-down cover.YouTube/Jessica Simpson

On Nov. 1, Simpson shared a tweet, on with a photo, that read, “This idiosyncratic successful the aboriginal greeting of Nov 1, 2017, is an unrecognizable mentation of myself. I had truthful overmuch self-discovery to unlock and explore.”

She followed up with a bid of posts discussing her addiction to pills and alcohol, blaming a deficiency of self-love and self-respect for her behavior.

She opened up astir her addiction past twelvemonth in her memoir “Open Book,” successful which she details her conflict with addiction arsenic a mode to header with trauma.

Jessica SimpsonThe opus comes conscionable days aft Simpson posted this photo, detailing her conflict with addiction successful 2017.Instagram/@jessicasimpson

The memoir merchandise besides came with six songs from Simpson, the past clip anyone heard a philharmonic peep from the singer. Before that, her past full-length medium was much than a decennary ago.

Jessica Simpson“Particles,” she said, saved her from her addiction, which she discussed successful her memoir and connected societal media.YouTube/Jessica Simpson

Now, though, she’s backmost and amended than ever, saying “Particles” is simply a opus that saved her erstwhile she was successful that darker place.