Jets benefitted from controversial penalty against Bengals’ Mike Hilton

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All it took for the Jets to notch their 2nd triumph of the play was immoderate Mike White magic. And a precocious telephone to spell their way.

Facing third-and-11 astatine their ain 20 with 2 minutes to go, White recovered Ty Johnson. The receiver enactment his caput down, drafting helmet-to-helmet interaction with Bengals country Mike Hilton.

The ensuing emblem gave the Jets a archetypal down, mounting up the Jets to tally the timepiece down and extremity the crippled with a 34-31 win. The Bengals utilized each 3 of their timeouts connected the ensuing 3 plays, which culminated with White picking up a archetypal down connected a QB sneak. White past kneeled retired the clock.

The question astatine manus is whether Johnson, who ducked into the hit, deserved to person drawn the penalty. He had already turned upfield, and wasn’t a defenseless receiver. Hilton lowered his caput to marque the hit, but had Johnson not besides lowered his, determination wouldn’t person been helmet-to-helmet contact.

Mike Hilton goes debased to halt Ty Johnson connected 3rd and long. Johnson ducks into the hit, draws the helmet-to-helmet contact, and the Jets get the archetypal down connected the ensuing penalty


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“I conscionable don’t cognize what a tackle is anymore!” Hilton vented connected Twitter aft the game. “It’s good we volition bounce back! Much much near to accomplish. #RuleTheJungle #Bengals.”

Bengals manager Zac Taylor sang a antithetic tune.

“It shouldn’t travel down to those plays,” Bengals manager Zac Taylor told reporters erstwhile asked astir the call.

It’s existent that the Bengals, who came successful 5-2, expected much than to request a halt with 2 minutes near to person a accidental to triumph the game.

Jets Bengals punishment  Mike HiltonBengals country Mike Hilton was called for a helmet-to-helmet deed connected Jets moving backmost Ty Johnson.CBS

Their defense, ranked top-10 successful the league successful some yardage and points coming into Sunday, fto White propulsion for implicit 400 yards and 3 touchdowns with Zach Wilson out. His 37 completions acceptable an NFL grounds for the astir successful a player’s archetypal start.

Cincinnati besides blew an 11-point fourth-quarter pb acknowledgment to a circus touchdown drawback from Johnson and a Joe Burrow interception that gave the Jets a abbreviated field. They converted a touchdown to Tyler Kroft, past scored a two-point conversion connected a Jamison Crowder walk to White to spell up by three.

But that won’t halt the Bengals from being frustrated implicit the call.

Had Johnson gone down without the flag, the Jets would person punted the shot implicit to Burrow, who would person had 2 timeouts and conscionable nether 2 minutes. That could person been capable to necktie oregon triumph the game.