Jets coach Robert Saleh won’t throw tantrum: ‘These are grown men’

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FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — Robert Saleh prides himself connected staying positive.

That’s going to beryllium hard to bash aft the 54-13 shellacking the Jets took connected Sunday from the Patriots. But don’t expect Saleh to commencement knocking tables implicit and screaming astatine his players. That’s not his style. Asked if helium thinks helium needs to footwear his squad successful the butt aft Sunday’s performance, Saleh said no.

“These are grown men. They are,” Saleh said. “In this league, I garbage to judge otherwise. These men play their tails off. They spell to work, and they person a batch of pride. There’s a batch of pridefulness successful the locker room. There’s a batch of pridefulness passim the NFL successful presumption of [what] they’re putting connected tape, they’re showing out, trying to play for 1 another. Their teammates are family.

“There’s a batch of whys for wherefore radical amusement up. If you request somebody, it’s conscionable my opinion, to beryllium successful your butt yelling astatine you to get going playing a child’s crippled astatine a king’s ransom, past you don’t merit to deterioration the logo, period. I cognize we got large quality guys. I cognize they were playing their butts off. Everyone erstwhile successful a portion you get your [expletive] — excuse my connection — you get your teeth knocked in.”

The Jets surely got their teeth knocked successful Sunday, and Saleh present needs to find immoderate answers earlier this play spirals wholly down the toilet. Just don’t expect him to travel into the gathering country screaming connected Monday.

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Despite being up by adjacent to 30 points successful the 4th quarter, the Patriots kept calling heavy passes connected the Jets. But nary of the Jets said they had immoderate contented with Bill Belichick inactive chucking it heavy late.

“It’s the NFL,” Jets information Marcus Maye said. “Nobody’s going to consciousness atrocious for you. You’ve conscionable got to find a mode to get the shot down.”

The Jets opened the crippled with a three-and-out aft talking astir starting accelerated during the bye week. Instead, they ran the shot doubly and past Zach Wilson got sacked and the Jets’ defence was backmost connected the field.

“It’s the smallest details that we’re missing that’s hurting america arsenic an offense,” tackle Morgan Moses said.

Elijah Moore scored his archetypal NFL touchdown connected a 19-yard reverse successful the 3rd quarter. … LB Jamien Sherwood (ankle), LB Quincy Williams (concussion) and LB Blake Cashman (groin) each near the game. The Jets were already bladed astatine the presumption with C.J. Mosley out, leaving the Jets with backups to backups playing precocious successful the game. … RB La’Mical Perine was progressive for the archetypal clip this play but did not person a carry. … The 551 yards by the Patriots is the astir the Jets person allowed since Sept. 6, 1998 erstwhile the 49ers had 557 successful the overtime nonaccomplishment that featured Garrison Hearst’s game-winning run. It is the ninth-most yards ever allowed by a Jets team.