Jets’ defense doesn’t care about facing backup QBs as they dominate another

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The mode things are breaking for the Jets, they mightiness soon look a fourth-string quarterback. Or a escaped cause signed disconnected the street. Or a instrumentality coming retired of the stands. 

So beryllium it. The defence isn’t going to apologize for feasting connected a parade of backups that continued Sunday during a 31-10 triumph against the Trevor Siemian-led Bears

“It doesn’t substance astatine all,” linebacker C.J. Mosley said. “It mightiness fuss [critics], but we’re the ones who person to play.” 

Five of the Jets’ 7 wins were decided against the Browns’ Jacoby Brissett, the Steelers’ Kenny Pickett successful his NFL debut replacing starter Mitch Trubisky aft halftime, the Dolphins’ third-stringer Skyler Thompson, the Broncos’ Brett Rypien and present Siemian. Four of those teams were missing an injured starter and the Browns were without the suspended Deshaun Watson. The Bears astir started third-stringer Nathan Peterman aft Siemian injured his oblique during warm-ups. 

“You conscionable look who is successful beforehand of you,” cornerback D.J. Reed said. “A batch of large quarterbacks, particularly this year, are injured. We evidently privation to look their starting quarterback, but sadly injuries are a portion of the game. Nobody would consciousness atrocious for america if that was the concern for us.” 

C.J. Mosley (57) makes a tackle during the Jets' triumph   implicit    the Bears connected  Sunday. C.J. Mosley (57) makes a tackle during the Jets’ triumph implicit the Bears connected Sunday. Robert Sabo for the NY POST

The Jets agelong agone stamped their legitimacy by giving fits to the Packers’ Aaron Rodgers and Bills’ Josh Allen, too. 

“You don’t take who you play, you conscionable devour it,” antiaircraft lineman John Franklin-Myers said. “They’re not going to speech astir the starting quarterbacks we beat. I look astatine it as, you person to triumph those games [against backups] — and you should dominate.” 

The Jets were dilatory to predominate Sunday, allowing back-to-back 71-yard scoring drives to unfastened the game. Reed was bushed for a 4-yard touchdown by Byron Pringle arsenic the Bears took a 10-7 lead. 

“It was a large catch,” Reed said. “A batch to larn for maine from that play — conscionable bat the shot down. I tried to prime it and got a small greedy. We regrouped beauteous well. We’ve got a batch of increasing to bash still, adjacent though we are playing well.” 

Not counting taking a genu to extremity the archetypal half, the Bears punted connected their adjacent 5 possessions — nary of which lasted much than 4 plays. Bryce Huff notched a sack, Franklin-Myers and Solomon Thomas combined connected a sack, Kwon Alexander forced a fumble and Mosley intercepted a walk adjacent the extremity line. 

“We enactment it connected us: The squad goes arsenic we go,” Franklin-Myers said. “Thirty-one points successful a game, you shouldn’t suffer arsenic an mean defense, but whether they people 31 oregon 3 we expect to triumph the crippled arsenic a defense.” 

Kwon Alexander forces a fumble arsenic  helium  hits Cole Kmet.Kwon Alexander forces a fumble arsenic helium hits Cole Kmet.USA TODAY Sports

There was uncertainty retired of Chicago each week astir whether Justin Fields would start. The next-best-thing to Lamar Jackson arsenic a dual-threat backmost would’ve changed game-plan responsibilities from the much pocket-based Siemian. Reed was “leaning connected Siemian playing” due to the fact that helium understood it “wouldn’t beryllium astute for their franchise quarterback” to play with a dislocated shoulder, but Mosley said it was “prepare for Fields, beryllium acceptable for whoever stepped connected the field.” 

With a 21-point pb successful hand, Mosley’s diving interception was astir the pridefulness of a red-zone stop. 

“When you look backmost erstwhile you are done, you deliberation astir those small things,” Mosley said. “Reading the quarterback, making a large play. I saw [replay] and didn’t adjacent cognize I dove similar that. I told the guys, ‘I don’t adjacent leap the way similar that successful practice.’ To bash it successful the game, marque the drawback similar that and seal the crippled for the defence is successful bully fashion.”