Jets lose Mike White to injury in ugly loss to Colts

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INDIANAPOLIS – The Jets conscionable can’t person bully things.

Backup backmost sensation Mike White was injured precocious successful the archetypal quarter of the Jets’ 45-30 nonaccomplishment to the Colts astatine Lucas Oil Stadium connected Thursday nighttime that was not arsenic adjacent arsenic the people made it look.

The wounded enactment a halt to the storybook tally of White and immoderate thought of a backmost contention with the Jets. It was unclear precisely erstwhile White was injured. He near the crippled aft throwing a touchdown walk to Elijah Moore to necktie the crippled 7-7. The TV broadcast showed White getting deed by DeForest Buckner connected an earlier play arsenic helium followed done connected a pass. That whitethorn person been erstwhile the wounded occurred.

White was 7-for-11 for 95 yards and the touchdown earlier exiting the game.

Johnson played a respectable game, throwing for 3 touchdowns for the archetypal clip successful his career, which goes backmost to 2008. It took him a portion to get going and astir of his statistic came aft the Jets were down by 30 points, but Johnson had 317 passing yards connected 27-of-41 passing with a precocious interception.

Mike White whitethorn  person  injured his close    forearm aft  being pressured by DeForest Buckner during the Jets' 45-30 nonaccomplishment   to the Colts.Mike White whitethorn person injured his close forearm aft being pressured by DeForest Buckner during the Jets’ 45-30 nonaccomplishment to the Colts.Robert Scheer / USA TODAY NETWOR

While the offense’s struggled for a clip with their third-string quarterback, it appeared the Jets defence did not adjacent marque the trip. The Colts scored touchdowns connected their archetypal 4 possessions, slicing done the Jets defense, which offered up small resistance. Their 5th possession ended astatine the 1-yard line.

The Colts ran done the Jets defense, rushing for 260 yards successful the game, the astir the Jets person fixed up since 2007. Wide receivers ran wide unfastened and the Colts adjacent threw a touchdown to an violative lineman. The Colts rolled up 532 full yards and had 28 archetypal downs. The Colts did not person to punt until the extremity of the 3rd quarter.

It was different humiliating show for the Jets 2 weeks aft getting blasted 54-13 by the Patriots. It appeared they had righted the vessel against the Bengals past week, but that appears to person been a mirage.

The nonaccomplishment drops the Jets to 2-6 with 2 part games coming up adjacent against the Bills and Dolphins. The Colts improved to 4-5.

The Jets person present mislaid their past 7 primetime games, with their past triumph coming successful 2018.

White became an overnight prima erstwhile helium threw for 405 yards and 3 touchdowns successful his archetypal NFL commencement Sunday, a 34-31 triumph implicit the Bengals. White is playing successful spot of starter Zach Wilson, who has a close genu injury.

Any questions astir whether helium oregon White should stay the starter erstwhile Wilson is steadfast volition present beryllium muted until White’s wounded presumption is known. The Jets person been hopeful that Wilson would beryllium backmost for adjacent week’s crippled against the Bills.

Michael Pittman beats Bryce Hall for a touchdown drawback  successful  the Jets' loss.Michael Pittman beats Bryce Hall for a touchdown drawback successful the Jets’ loss.USA TODAY Sports

The Jets besides person Joe Flacco astatine quarterback, but helium was inactive for the 2nd consecutive crippled aft coming to the Jets from the Eagles successful a commercialized past week.

White looked a small jittery early, astir throwing 2 interceptions connected the archetypal drive, but helium settled successful connected the 2nd thrust and started completing passes some abbreviated and long. Unlike past week erstwhile helium dinked and dunked against the Bengals, White had completions of 15, 26 and 19 yards connected the drive. The 19-yarder was a touchdown walk to a wide unfastened Moore and White’s past play of the game.

The Colts discourtesy looked similar it did backmost erstwhile Peyton Manning was moving it. Their opening thrust was 8 plays for 88 yards and was capped by a 34-yard touchdown tally from Nyheim Hines, who made a nasty cutback against a Jets defence that was successful unspeakable position. It was a motion of things to come.

Hines was not the lone Colts moving backmost to thrive against Robert Saleh’s porous defense. Jonathan Taylor scored connected the adjacent drive, this 1 a 21-yard tally with the Jets defenders again grasping for aerial arsenic helium raced astir them. That completed a nine-play, 76-yard thrust arsenic the Colts conscionable controlled the shot and the game. Taylor finished the crippled with 172 yards ruing and 2 touchdowns. It was the astir rushing yards by a Jets hostile since Carlos Hyde of the 49ers rushed for 193 yards connected Dec. 9, 2016.

Johnson entered the crippled with the Jets down 14-7 already and was sacked connected his 2nd play. Jets violative coordinator Mike LaFleur resorted to a instrumentality play to person connected 3rd down with Johnson throwing to Jamison Crowder, who threw it crossed the tract to Michael Carter. The thrust ended connected a fumble from Jets backmost Ty Johnson.

That gave the Colts the shot astatine the Jets’ 46. Colts backmost Carson Wentz marched them down the field, finishing it disconnected with a 1-yard shovel walk to Jack Doyle for a touchdown and a 21-7 lead.

The Jets managed a 33-yard tract extremity from Matt Ammendola conscionable earlier halftime to chopped the people to 21-10. It was acceptable up by a 26-yard beauteous walk and drawback betwixt Johnson and choky extremity Tyler Kroft.

The occupation was the Jets near 1:46 connected the timepiece and Wentz again moved the Colts down the field, throwing an 11-yard touchdown walk to Michael Pittman to enactment Indianapolis up 28-10 astatine halftime.

The Jets barley touched the Colts successful the archetypal half. They ran for 134 yards successful the half, with 104 gained earlier contact, per ESPN, an mean of 6.1 yards per unreserved earlier contact.

The onslaught continued successful the 3rd 4th with Wentz throwing a touchdown walk to violative lineman Danny Pinter and Taylor rushing for a 78-yard touchdown and a 42-10 lead.

Johnson past got the Jets discourtesy going and the Colts took their ft disconnected the gas. Johnson threw touchdowns to Moore, choky extremity Ryan Griffin and Johnson but it was each cosmetic arsenic the crippled was over.