Jets’ Mike White makes most of experience filling in for injured Zach Wilson

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At slightest the Jets’ backup backmost present has NFL regular-season experience.

That was 1 affirmative the Jets could instrumentality from Sunday afternoon, adjacent if this evidently wasn’t however they wanted Mike White to get into a game.

After rookie Zach Wilson suffered a close genu wounded during the 2nd quarter, White was pressed into work successful a gruesome 54-13 nonaccomplishment to the Patriots at Gillette Stadium.

“First you interest astir your person connected the ground, worrying astir his well-being, however helium was faring,” White said. “Now you realize, ‘All right, it’s my changeable to spell successful there, assistance execute the offense.’ ”

White did well, each things considered, throwing a 3-yard touchdown walk to Corey Davis connected his archetypal passing effort and moving the shot reasonably well. Overall, White completed 20 of 32 passes for 202 yards with 1 touchdown and 2 interceptions. He got escaped of the shot quickly, dispersed it astir and was sacked conscionable once. White did miss immoderate passes, including a Kyle Dugger interception connected which helium overthrew unfastened choky extremity Ryan Griffin.

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“Awesome,” Wilson said of White’s performance. “I said to him, ‘That’s a hard concern to measurement successful there.’ He hasn’t taken galore reps and obviously, helium hasn’t played precise overmuch successful a unrecorded crippled before. But I thought helium played precise well.”

The 26-year-old White played for South Florida and Western Kentucky successful assemblage and was a fifth-round prime of the Cowboys successful 2018. The pursuing year, helium was signed to the Jets’ signifier squad and has remained with the franchise. Nevertheless, White had ne'er appeared successful a regular-season crippled until Sunday, though helium was connected the progressive roster for 4 games past year.

“I deliberation wide personally determination are things to physique on. I deliberation we did immoderate bully things arsenic an offense,” White said. “We executed, moved the shot downfield. As successful immoderate game, there’s going to beryllium plays you privation back. I deliberation the astir important happening is going into the movie country time and correcting those things, gathering upon it, not letting contiguous bushed america twice.”

It is uncertain if White volition commencement the Jets’ adjacent crippled against the Bengals astatine MetLife Stadium. Wilson is scheduled to get an MRI exam connected Monday for what appears to beryllium a PCL injury. Wilson said helium heard a popular successful his close genu and it didn’t consciousness overly stable.

Wilson could miss the Jets’ adjacent 2 games, since aft adjacent Sunday, they play again the pursuing Thursday against the Colts.

White could upwind up getting a batch much acquisition successful the coming weeks.