Jets’ misery only made worse by Zach Wilson injury uncertainty

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The database of laments for Jets fans is already endless. It is abundantly clear, for instance, that the caller caput manager whitethorn person assembled 1 of the shakiest staffs successful caller memory. That’s one. They flat-out discontinue Sunday successful Foxborough — you deliberation that’s harsh? Go backmost and ticker the crippled again if you person the stomach. That’s another.

The Patriots — successful mentation a would-be-rival — nary longer conscionable clasp the Jets successful contempt, they openly disrespect them. The Pats ran it up connected the Jets Sunday. They dropped 54 connected them. And you cognize it had to astatine slightest transverse Bill Belichick’s caput to spell for 60 erstwhile they got the shot back, late, aft yet different Jets turnover.

(And that wasn’t adjacent the astir disrespectful shot. At halftime of this 54-13 evisceration, the Pats honored 1 of their all-time greats, Richard Seymour, who said erstwhile asked what crippled helium wanted to person his kudos answered, “I wanted to travel to our homecoming crippled against the Jets.” Ouch.)

It ne'er ends.

“They punched america successful the friggin’ mouth,” Jets manager Robert Saleh said.

Yet for each of those indignities, this was the worst portion astir Sunday: Zach Wilson connected the ground, successful agony, his close genu barking astatine him aft unloading 1 of the Jets’ item plays, a heavy shot that acceptable up first-and-goal from the 2 aft a New England DPI penalty.

You already cognize the Jets’ contiguous is — prime your connection — depressing? Deplorable? Dispiriting? Demeaning? Wilson is astir tomorrow, and adjacent week, and adjacent month, and with immoderate luck the adjacent 10 to 12 years. As shaky arsenic helium has looked, the Jets are committed to him arsenic the anchor for immoderate the aboriginal holds.

Zach WilsonZach Wilson, laying connected the field, near the crippled aboriginal with a genu injury.EPA

And determination helium was, connected the turf, level connected his back, grabbing for his leg, aft absorbing a crushing stroke from Matthew Judon. He stayed down for an uncomfortably agelong time, yet got to his feet, yet limped disconnected the field. He spent immoderate clip successful the aesculapian structure connected the sidelines, past the remainder of the day successful the Jets’ locker room.

He has a day with an MRI conduit Monday. Early reports are that it’s an wounded to his posterior cruciate ligament.

“That’s the best-case scenario,” Wilson said.

“You ne'er know,” Saleh said, choosing caution, a omniscient path.

That truly is the taxable of what the Jets person been trying to bash these past 4 years, trying to get and place the backmost who tin yet pb them retired of the wilderness.

(If determination was 1 satisfying infinitesimal for the Jets — and, look, this is immoderate rock-bottom whataboutism — it’s that their erstwhile franchise starlet, Sam Darnold, may person seen his 2nd enactment arsenic a Carolina Panther grounded successful a wretched show against the Giants successful which helium was benched, late, successful favour of Jersey kid P.J. Walker.)

Wilson has shown flashes. He has shown glimpses. He does this contempt having possibly the worst imaginable coaching astir him arsenic immoderate young backmost could perchance have, since neophyte violative coordinator Mike LaFleur close present looks much overmatched than a mutt astatine the Westminster Dog Show.

After 2 weeks of insisting they were going to bash everything imaginable to assistance propulsion Wilson done his first-quarter blues and blahs, aft rapidly spotting the Patriots a 7-0 lead, these were the archetypal 3 plays LaFleur plucked retired of his imaginativeness and handed to Wilson:

1-10-NYJ 25: Handoff to Michael Carter, up the mediate for 1.

2-9-NYJ 26: Handoff to Michael Carter, near extremity for 3.

3-6-NYJ 29: Zach Wilson sacked for -8 yards.

JetsZach Wilson is deed hard during the Jets’ nonaccomplishment to the Patriots connected Sunday.USA TODAY Sports

It was similar LaFleur was astatine the shot equivalent of a soft bar, taking requests, and Belichick offered up 3 adjuvant suggestions on with a $20 tip. It was coaching malpractice, is what it was, and it felt similar the benignant of taxable that would reverberate each crippled long.

Then Wilson coiled up connected the ground. He coiled up grabbing the close knee. He coiled up limping disconnected the field, limping to the dressing room, the equilibrium of his rookie play awaiting him successful that MRI tube.

“It ever sucks,” Wilson said, philosophically, “before it gets better.”

Mike White, the backup who came successful and played adequately for a while, said he’d talked concisely to Wilson afterward.

“He’s successful bully spirits,” White said. “He congratulated me. He was good.”

The Jets anticipation they get a akin prognosis Monday. They are buried successful atrocious stuff. They truly didn’t request a QB1 with a bum knee.