Jets reunite with Joe Flacco in trade with Eagles to replace injured Zach Wilson

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A time aft losing Zach Wilson to a genu injury, the Jets made a determination to get a seasoned quarterback.

The Jets acquired Joe Flacco from the Eagles successful speech for a conditional sixth-round prime that tin go a fifth-rounder based connected playing time, according to a source. The Jets volition beryllium without Wilson, who suffered a close PCL sprain successful Sunday’s 54-13 nonaccomplishment to the Patriots, for 2-4 weeks. The anticipation is Mike White volition beryllium the starter this week against the Bengals and the Jets volition get Flacco up to velocity to backmost him up.

Flacco spent past play arsenic Sam Darnold’s backup with the Jets and played successful 5 games, starting four. The 36-year-old threw six touchdowns and 3 interceptions and 864 yards. The Jets mislaid each of his starts.

Joe Flacco commercialized   Jets EaglesThe Jets reunited with Joe Flacco successful a commercialized with the Eagles arsenic Zach Wilson is acceptable to miss 2-4 weeks with a genu sprain.Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

Flacco departed arsenic a escaped cause successful the offseason and signed with the Eagles. The Jets had involvement successful bringing Flacco backmost successful the offseason, but they felt helium wanted to spell to a squad wherever helium thought helium had a accidental to start. The Jets were locked successful connected drafting Wilson with the No. 2 wide prime and Flacco knew helium would person nary accidental of starting with them. The Eagles person started Jalen Hurts each play but besides person Gardner Minshew, who present volition beryllium the backup.

The Jets person Josh Johnson connected their signifier squad, but intelligibly don’t spot him capable to marque him White’s backup. Jets wide manager Joe Douglas was an country scout for the Ravens and championed Flacco erstwhile Baltimore drafted him successful 2008.