Jets’ Robert Saleh unlikely to change coin-toss philosophy

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FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — Robert Saleh has won the opening coin flip 3 times successful his archetypal twelvemonth arsenic caput manager of the Jets, and helium has chosen to defer each time.

But with his discourtesy struggling to get started, would helium see electing to person to unfastened the crippled to perchance jump-start the offense?

“We speech astir it, it comes down to conscionable wide doctrine and what you’re trying to get done close before,” Saleh said. “I don’t privation to get excessively overmuch into item astir it, but I mean, it’s not a secret, but being capable to thigh a squad astatine halftime is 1 of the top things you tin do. You tin beryllium down 2 scores, people close earlier the half, get the shot [to commencement the 2nd half], people again and present you’re close backmost successful it, truthful you’re mounting yourself up.”

Bill Belichick and the Patriots made this signifier celebrated with Tom Brady done the years. Now, it has go uncommon for coaches to bash thing but defer, hoping they tin propulsion disconnected the treble score.

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It has yet to enactment for the Jets this year, though they came adjacent 2 weeks agone against the Falcons. They kicked a tract extremity with 2:18 near successful the archetypal fractional and scored connected the archetypal thrust of the 2nd half. Atlanta scored a tract extremity conscionable earlier halftime, though.

In 2019, erstwhile Saleh was with the 49ers, they pulled disconnected the treble people doubly and made a surviving retired of scoring astir the half. They scored astatine the extremity of the archetypal fractional 7 times and to unfastened the 3rd 4th six times (including the Super Bowl).

Saleh does not dependable arsenic if he’ll beryllium taking the shot if helium wins the coin flip Sunday successful New England.

“Ideally, we commencement good connected defense, get a speedy three-and-out, the shot gets to our discourtesy immediately,” Saleh said. “That would beryllium a cleanable situation, and truthful erstwhile it works retired the mode it’s expected to, you tin stroke a squad retired by the clip you get into the mediate of the 3rd 4th due to the fact that of your quality to thigh people. It is simply a valid question, thing that we’ll bring up, but astatine the aforesaid time, it’s specified an vantage erstwhile you request to defer successful our mind, with respect to finishing with the shot astatine the fractional and past starting with it to commencement the 2nd half, you tin bash a batch of damage.”

LB Noah Dawkins was elevated from the signifier squad Saturday, different determination that suggests C.J. Mosley apt won’t play against the Pats.