Jets vs. Patriots odds, analysis and predictions for all Week 7 NFL games

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Back successful Week 2, the New York Jets played their location opener against the New England Patriots. MetLife Stadium was electrical arsenic Ty Johnson started the crippled with an 8-yard run. On the adjacent play, Zach Wilson was intercepted. After a Patriots tract goal, Michael Carter ran for 13 yards. Then Wilson was intercepted a 2nd time.

It went connected similar that, with the Jets picking up chunks of yardage lone to beryllium short-circuited by 2 much Wilson picks. The effect was a 25-6 Patriots victory, though the Jets had much rushing yards (152-101), passing yards (184-159) and archetypal downs (18-17). They besides won clip of possession (32:08-27:52). It’s not a agelong to accidental 52 Jets did OK and 1 antheral (Wilson) outgo them the game.

Normally, this benignant of script would person maine looking to drawback points successful the rematch with the squad that won astir of the stats. But I don’t deliberation I tin get determination with the Jets this time.

They did person that bully triumph against the Titans, successful which they sacked Ryan Tannehill 7 times. But let’s look it, arsenic we saw this past Monday night, if A.J. Brown had played, the Jets would person mislaid to Tennessee. And past the no-show archetypal fractional successful London against the Falcons was precise discouraging.

In fact, the Jets’ mediocre starts successful each games person made it precise hard for them to triumph and adjacent screen spreads. Perhaps Robert Saleh figured retired during the bye week however to remedy that, but the Jets volition person to amusement maine archetypal earlier I instrumentality them against the Patriots successful Foxborough.

Zach WilsonZach WilsonAP

New England is conscionable 2-4, including an unthinkable 0-4 astatine home. This is simply a must-win crippled for Bill Belichick if the Patriots mean to get backmost into the playoff chase. But this is simply a squad that took some the Buccaneers and the Cowboys to the last play and should person won some of those games, and I expect their “A” crippled here.

The pick: Patriots, -7

Carolina Panthers (-3) implicit NEW YORK GIANTS

As a wide rule, I effort to aquatics with the sharps arsenic overmuch arsenic imaginable successful these selections. I attraction astir specified things arsenic enactment freezes and reverse enactment movement, arsenic they are often signs astute wealth is moving successful 1 direction. That’s the lawsuit here, arsenic the enactment has stayed frozen astatine Carolina -3 contempt a preponderance of wealth stake connected the Panthers. So something’s up and immoderate crisp bettors are backing the Giants +3. But this clip I indispensable stray due to the fact that I ticker the Giants with my ain eyes. They are anemic (offensive line) wherever the Panthers are beardown (pass rush), and that could ruin the crippled for Big Blue.

Cincinnati Bengals (+6.5) implicit BALTIMORE RAVENS

Very hard determination to enactment wealth against Lamar Jackson, it’s conscionable that this feels similar excessively precocious a dispersed for a first-place divisional showdown. The Ravens are 5-1 overall, 3-0 astatine home. The Bengals are 4-2 overall, 2-1 connected the road. It’s tight. Looking for the last borderline to beryllium successful the three- oregon four-point area.

GREEN BAY PACKERS (-8) implicit Washington Football Team

The WFT defence inactive indispensable beryllium getting immoderate respect based connected sanction recognition. There are 3 double-digit spreads connected the play card, and this isn’t 1 of them, but it should be. Do you privation the No. 32 squad successful points allowed and No. 31 squad successful yards allowed going up against Aaron Rodgers astatine Lambeau? Me neither.

Aaron Rodgers PackersAaron RodgersUSA TODAY Sports

Kansas City Chiefs (-5.5) implicit TENNESSEE TITANS

Last week was my “enough is enough” crippled for the Chiefs, who struggled successful the archetypal half, past covered easy astatine Washington. The Titans are a overmuch tougher opponent. Derrick Henry volition lb it astatine the Chiefs, and they’ll person a hard clip covering A.J. Brown. But it’s a abbreviated turnaround for Tennessee disconnected a huge, carnal triumph implicit the Bills, which near the Titans abbreviated of steadfast antiaircraft backs.

Atlanta Falcons (-2.5) implicit MIAMI DOLPHINS

The main impetus for this enactment is the schedule, arsenic the Dolphins are playing this crippled a week aft their travel to London. The different 3 teams who person been determination truthful acold had byes the adjacent week. Miami besides has a nonaccomplishment to the 0-20 Jaguars, and losses of 35-0 to the Bills and 45-17 to the Bucs, truthful there’s plentifulness for savvy vet Matt Ryan to prime connected here.

Detroit Lions (+16.5) implicit LOS ANGELES RAMS

Have to accidental I’m stunned by the size of this spread, adjacent though the Rams crushed the Giants past week and the Lions are the lone remaining winless team. This crippled volition instrumentality connected a full antithetic dynamic with Matthew Stafford and Jared Goff facing their erstwhile teams. Rams manager Sean McVay cares lone astir a win, not the margin, arsenic helium tries to enactment adjacent to the Cardinals successful the NFC West.

Jared GoffJared GoffAP

Philadelphia Eagles (+3) implicit LAS VEGAS RAIDERS

Eagles manager Nick Sirianni gave america a astonishment screen erstwhile helium went for 2 down 8 against the Bucs past Thursday. The Eagles besides got a small other remainder earlier their travel west. The Raiders got a bounce emotionally successful their archetypal post-Jon Gruden game, but this volition beryllium a thoroughfare fight.

Chicago Bears (+12.5) implicit TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS

As mentioned conscionable above, I got distant with fading the Bucs past week and volition effort it again. This is different enactment that seems excessively high. The Bears are giving up conscionable 20.7 points per game, eighth champion successful the NFL, truthful the 12.5-point caput commencement is hard to walk up.

ARIZONA CARDINALS (-17) implicit Houston Texans

Have been burned by Houston respective times, but this crippled is akin to the 1 successful Week 4 successful which the Texans were +18 astatine Buffalo and mislaid 40-0. The Cardinals play 100 miles a infinitesimal for 60 minutes against each comers. They’ve beaten the Titans by 25, the Rams by 17 and the Browns by 23.

Indianapolis Colts (-4) implicit SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS

Carson Wentz’s Colts discourtesy is starting to perk up, with 27, 25 and 31 points the past 3 weeks. Jimmy Garoppolo is connected people to instrumentality for the 49ers, but here’s an absorbing inclination that applies to the Colts (and Eagles above): Per VSiN’s Josh Appelbaum, abbreviated roadworthy underdogs of +6 oregon little were 25-9 against the dispersed entering Denver’s crippled astatine Cleveland connected Thursday. And prime-time ’dogs were 12-6 ATS.


SEATTLE SEAHAWKS (+4.5) implicit New Orleans Saints

Was impressed by Seattle’s 2nd fractional Sunday nighttime successful Pittsburgh. Pete Carroll decided to get carnal and tally it close astatine the Steelers, and it worked. That doctrine volition assistance Geno Smith. And there’s the prime-time-’dogs space mentioned above.

Best bets: Colts, Packers, Seahawks
Lock of the week: Colts (Locks 3-2 successful 2021)
Last week: 9-5 overall, 1-2 Best Bets
Thursday: Broncos