Jets vs. Patriots: Preview, predictions, what to watch for

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An wrong look astatine Sunday’s Jets-Patriots Week 6 matchup astatine Gilette Stadium:

Marquee matchup

Patriots violative enactment vs. Jets antiaircraft line

The Patriots person had a rotating formed of characters connected their enactment recently. New England has utilized 10 antithetic starters connected its O-line, the astir successful the NFL. Injuries and trips to the COVID-19 database person kept them moving parts around, and it has wounded their continuity. The Patriots person started 4 linemen implicit the past 2 weeks who began the play arsenic backups oregon connected the signifier squad. It has led to immoderate violative struggles for the Patriots, who are No. 26 successful full discourtesy successful the league and No. 27 successful rushing offense.

The Jets’ antiaircraft enactment has been their champion unit. They are 4th successful backmost hits per game, 5th successful mean clip to propulsion and ninth successful sacks per crippled (via TruMedia). They are 1 of 8 teams successful the league with 4 players who person 10 oregon much pressures this play — John Franklin-Myers (17), Quinnen Williams (14), Bryce Huff (12) and Sheldon Rankins (10), according to Next Gen Stats.

If the Jets tin predominate the enactment of scrimmage, it could beryllium a agelong time for Pats rookie QB Mac Jones.

The Jets violative  enactment     vs. the Patriots antiaircraft  enactment     could beryllium  the cardinal  matchup to determine  the victor  of Sunday's game.The Jets violative enactment vs. the Patriots antiaircraft enactment could beryllium the cardinal matchup to determine the victor of Sunday’s game.N.Y. Post: Charles Wenzelberg

“All those guys are high-motor guys,” Patriots manager Bill Belichick said. “[Franklin-]Myers has bully power. Good velocity connected the edge. They bash a bully occupation pushing the pouch with their wrong guys, truthful that makes it sometimes hard for the backmost to measurement up, which brings the extracurricular guys into the rush.”

Costello’s call

This is simply a “get right” crippled for the Patriots, who mislaid a pugnacious 1 to the Cowboys past week. I request to spot the Jets lick their violative issues to judge it. This 1 volition beryllium adjacent until the 4th quarter, past the Patriots propulsion away.

Patriots 23, Jets 10

4 Downs

Mac attack: Rookie Patriots backmost Mac Jones has gotten disconnected to an awesome start. The erstwhile Alabama QB has completed much than 70 percent of his passes done six games. He’s the lone rookie backmost to bash that successful NFL history. He leads rookie quarterbacks successful passing yards (1,472) and completions (150). His completion percent is 71.1. The champion completion percent by a rookie for a play was Dallas’ Dak Prescott successful 2016 astatine 67.76 percent. The Jets deliberation Patriots coaches are present putting much spot successful Jones.

“It feels arsenic though that they’ve opened up the playbook a small spot much for him,” Jets antiaircraft coordinator Jeff Ulbrich said. “The archetypal clip astir it was screen, it was run, it was speedy game, it was play-pass. All that inactive exists, for sure, but present there’s a small spot much driblet backmost than you spot successful the archetypal crippled I thought. So, it’s conscionable they’re opening up the playbook. It’s much and much of the Tom Brady-type plays that helium was precise comfy with, the historical Patriot plays that they’ve ever had.”

Missing Mosley: The Jets are going to effort to springiness wrong linebacker C.J. Mosley a accidental to person them helium could play Sunday greeting earlier the game, but each signs constituent to Mosley missing this 1 with a hamstring injury. He has been 1 of the Jets’ champion players, and his lack volition beryllium felt not lone due to the fact that of his quality arsenic a linebacker, but besides arsenic the antiaircraft signal-caller. Rookie Jamien Sherwood volition regenerate Mosley if helium can’t go.

“He carries himself similar a vet,” Ulbrich said of Sherwood. “He communicates similar a vet. Although helium doesn’t person the acquisition that a C.J. has, he’s a feline that we person a batch of spot in. So, if C.J. can’t go, Jamien volition beryllium our guy.”

House of Horrors: The Jets person not fared good successful Foxborough, Mass., since the Patriots opened Gillette Stadium successful 2002. The Jets are 4-17 successful the building, and their past triumph determination came successful the 2010 playoffs, erstwhile Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez were the Jets’ starring men. In different words, it has been a while.

They person been particularly atrocious determination lately. The Jets person not scored much than 20 points determination since 2015. They person mislaid by scores of 28-14, 30-14, 38-3, 26-6 and 41-3 successful their past 5 trips there. Two of those games were the last crippled for a Jets caput coach. Todd Bowles and Adam Gase some got fired a fewer hours aft losing play finales successful Foxborough.

Take your pick: The Jets person failed to get an interception yet this play done 5 games. Their drought really is 7 games if you spell backmost to the last 2 games of past year. In different words, they are due. The seven-game drought without a prime is tied for the 13th longest successful NFL history. The 2016-17 Raiders went 11 games without an interception. The Lions were the astir caller squad to person a drought similar the Jets’ — they went 8 games without a prime past year.