Jimmy Barnes to undergo surgery to address ‘constant and severe pain’ in hips and back

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Jimmy Barnes is successful “constant and terrible pain” and volition acquisition backmost and hep country arsenic soon arsenic imaginable to code it, meaning helium volition postpone fractional a twelvemonth of performances portion helium recovers.

In a connection issued connected Tuesday, the 66-year-old instrumentalist said: “I’ve been jumping disconnected PA’s and stomping astir stages for astir 50 years, but it’s yet caught up with me. I’ve had niggling backmost and hep issues for years, but things abruptly got a batch worse implicit the past fewer weeks and I’m present successful changeless and terrible pain.

“As everybody knows, it’s against my religion to stroke retired gigs but the doctors archer maine I request an cognition arsenic soon arsenic imaginable and it volition truly bounds my question for a fewer months. As overmuch arsenic it kills maine to inconvenience everyone, I person to get this fixed truthful I tin leap astir onstage for different 50 years.

“The cognition volition support maine cooped up implicit summertime and I’m a notoriously cranky patient, truthful I astir apt request to bargain sound cancelling headphones for my household excessively – that mode they’ll hopefully inactive beryllium talking to maine erstwhile I’m backmost connected my feet,” helium added.

A header show astatine Valo Adelaide 500 this Saturday volition spell up arsenic planned, but each of Barnes’ unrecorded performances successful the archetypal fewer months of 2023 volition beryllium postponed.

Jon Stevens, Daryl Braithwaite and Diesel volition regenerate Barnes astatine Summernats 35 successful Canberra successful January, portion the Hoodoo Gurus volition regenerate Barnes astatine By the C festival successful Wollongong and Torquay, and astatine the Live successful the Vines festival successful the Yarra Valley.

“I’m precise grateful that the Gurus person agreed to header these 3 large gigs successful my absence”, said Jimmy. “We played immoderate large shows unneurotic past summertime truthful I cognize audiences volition beryllium successful bully hands. Their summation to the apical of the Wollongong, Torquay and Rochford line-ups besides means that the different bands connected the bill, similar the Living End, Wolfmother and Noiseworks, volition inactive get their accidental to rock. That’s important for everyone aft each the disrupted touring implicit caller years truthful I powerfully promote radical to #keepyourticket and enactment immoderate of our finest Aussie artists astatine these shows.”

Barnes’ revised touring docket tin beryllium viewed here.