JK Rowling Wears T-shirt Calling Nicola Sturgeon a ‘Destroyer of Women’s Rights’

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The writer stands 'in solidarity' with protestation against measure allowing sex self-ID

J.K. Rowling connected Thursday posted a photograph of herself wearing a achromatic t-shirt, which says Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is simply a “destroyer of women’s rights.”

The Harry Potter writer was showing her enactment for protests implicit Scotland’s controversial Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill, which if it becomes instrumentality would let 16-year-olds to legally alteration their sex without medical diagnosis oregon evidence.

In the Twitter post, Rowling said she stands “in solidarity with [Campaign radical For Women Scotland] and each women protesting and speaking extracurricular the Scottish parliament,” and she included the hashtag “NoToSelfID.”

Epoch Times Photo First Minister Nicola Sturgeon speaks astatine a property league to motorboat a 2nd independency insubstantial astatine Bute House successful Edinburgh, Scotland, connected July 14, 2022. (Andrew Milligan – Pool/Getty Images)

Earlier connected Thursday, a bulk of MSPs connected the Equalities, Human Rights, and Civil Justice Committee recommended the wide principles of the measure should beryllium approved.

Under existent law, lone adults tin legally alteration their sex by submitting an exertion to a UK-wide Gender Recognition Panel.

Applicants indispensable beryllium they person oregon had sex dysphoria by producing 2 aesculapian reports. They besides person to marque a statutory declaration that they person lived successful their “acquired gender” passim the erstwhile 2 years.

If the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill becomes law, children aged 16 and implicit tin besides legally alteration their gender. Applicants tin use for a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) astatine the Registrar General for Scotland. They volition nary longer person to taxable aesculapian reports oregon grounds to enactment their exertion and the request to person lived successful their “acquired gender” for 2 years volition beryllium shortened to 3 months.

The Scottish authorities said the measure aims to “improve and simplify the exertion process for that GRC by making it little lengthy and intrusive.”

It besides argues single-sex services volition beryllium protected arsenic the measure does not alteration “a fig of exceptions [in the 2010 Equality Act] which let for trans radical to beryllium excluded erstwhile this is simply a proportionate means of achieving a morganatic aim.”

For Women Scotland argued the measure “actually removes the process” of GRC application, “opening up GRCs from the little than 1% with an due aesculapian diagnosis to perchance 100% of the population.”

The radical said 15,500 idiosyncratic responses to the government’s consultation connected a draught of the authorities were “not published and person been mostly unanalysed,” and the authorities has failed to consult with women’s groups successful the process.

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