Joe Buck once peed in a bottle while calling an NFL touchdown

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Joe Buck whitethorn person gone a small excessively acold this time.

Speaking connected the “SmartLess” podcast, the World Series broadcaster and Pro Football Hall of Famer told a communicative of a clip helium urinated portion calling an NFL touchdown. Did we request to cognize that story? Honestly, no. But present it is anyway.

“I person peed successful a vessel portion calling an NFL touchdown, I curse to god,” Buck said connected the podcast. “I was peeing successful a trash tin and they handed maine a small h2o bottle. … We came backmost from a interruption and I was peeing and the enactment started. And I called a touchdown portion urine was coming retired of me.”

Buck said this happened during a Packers-Falcons crippled astatine Milwaukee County Stadium. According to Mediaite, that pegs the day astatine 1994.

Joe Buck pee bottleFox Sports broadcaster Joe Buck says helium erstwhile peed successful a vessel portion calling a touchdown during a Packers-Falcons game.GC Images

Of course, the communicative besides begs the question of wherefore Buck was peeing successful a trash tin to statesman with. Yes, helium was presumably disquieted (rightfully) that if helium went to the bathroom, the crippled would resume earlier helium got back.

But commercialized breaks are timed. Surely Buck could person timed his bath interruption with the commercial.

In immoderate case, each we tin bash is anticipation Buck is taking those steps now.