Joe Judge: Giants can’t use rough COVID-19 week as excuse vs. Raiders

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They bash not privation to perceive it.

“They’’ are Giants fans. They bash not privation to perceive astir the process oregon the issues, they privation to spot the results that are simply not determination often enough.

He does not privation to perceive it, either.

“He’’ is Joe Judge, the caput coach, who told his squad and his coaching unit during a turbulent, hard and head-spinning week helium does not privation to perceive a peep astir however pugnacious the Giants had it the past fewer days and however each this uncertainty could wounded the merchandise connected the tract connected Sunday.

“I’ve told the coaches, we could get to Sunday greeting and they could archer america we mislaid a twelve people,’’ Judge said. “I don’t privation to perceive immoderate excuses, person the adjacent feline acceptable to go, person a crippled program acceptable that includes changing personnel, changing scheme.

“Whatever we person to do, beryllium precise fluid successful this. That’s our occupation arsenic coaches, marque definite we person the champion program disposable careless of who’s available.’’

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At assorted junctures successful the past week, determination was nary mode to cognize who mightiness beryllium disposable to look the Raiders astatine MetLife Stadium. That’s due to the fact that the COVID-19 testing assets the Giants use, Bio-Reference Laboratories, was sending retired an unusually precocious fig of mendacious affirmative tests, resulting successful a topsy-turvy week for the team.

Players with the mendacious positives — they did not initially cognize they were false, of people — had to enactment distant from practice. Team meetings went backmost to remote-only and masks were required for everyone successful the facility. It was backmost to the bad-old-days of the pandemic, circa 2020, each implicit again.

“Definitely brought backmost immoderate PTSD a small spot from past year, immoderate reddish emblem was a large deal,’’ choky extremity Evan Engram said. “Definitely a batch of the guys are vaccinated and determination was nary disguise requirement, truthful this is simply a shake-up. Probably getting a small spot excessively comfy maybe, conscionable got to enactment connected apical of the rules.’’

It remains to beryllium seen however the Giants volition travel retired of this wacky week. Their bye yet arrives successful Week 10, but earlier then, determination are the Raiders (5-2), morganatic playoff contenders, well-rested disconnected their ain bye and already proving their resilience.

They are 2-0 since caput manager Jon Gruden resigned aft the merchandise of emails helium wrote during a 10-year play revealed misogynistic, anti-gay and racist messaging. Rich Bisaccia, the peculiar teams coordinator, was elevated to interim caput coach, and the Raiders responded with victories implicit the Broncos and Eagles.

Wednesday, the Raiders released wide receiver Henry Ruggs III aft helium was charged with driving nether the power and reckless driving aft helium was astatine the instrumentality successful a fatal car mishap Tuesday nighttime successful Las Vegas that killed a 23-year-old woman.

The Giants person their ain shot issues. Their defence past week played good capable to triumph astir games, but their discourtesy played poorly capable to suffer astir games. The effect — a 20-17 nonaccomplishment astatine Kansas City — knocked the Giants to 2-6, which falls into the “What other is new?” category. This franchise has been 2-6 oregon worse aft 8 games successful 5 consecutive seasons.

It takes a toll.

“The morale is successful the middle, I would say,’’ information Logan Ryan said. “I don’t deliberation it’s entity precocious aft a loss, but astatine the aforesaid clip I deliberation there’s thing to larn from that one. I deliberation we learned however good we tin vie with immoderate of the champion successful the league, and we’re acceptable to spell retired determination and get a triumph this week. We’re heading into the bye week. This is simply a large crippled for america connected our schedule. They’re a precise large opponent, similar I said, and we’re acceptable to spell retired determination and play good successful beforehand of our fans similar we did past clip we were astatine home.’’

Yes, indeed, the Giants did find it wrong themselves to enactment distant a beardown effort the past clip they played astatine MetLife, a 25-3 beating of the Panthers. That helped the morale. But the uplift did not last. It seldom does with this team.