Joe Judge is the anti-Matt Rhule

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Two second-year NFL caput coaches going astir it successful precise antithetic ways.

Joe Judge does not emote, ever, successful his postgame messaging. He does not springiness the fans — astir of them, anyhow — what they want. He is analytical but airy connected specifics, ever-cautious to marque definite what helium saw with his eyes is confirmed aft movie study. He is ne'er excessively precocious — those opportunities are uncommon — and refuses to get excessively low, careless of 44-20 astatine Dallas oregon 38-11 1 week aboriginal against the Rams.  

There are nary broad-brush statements from Judge, triumph oregon lose.

Panthers caput manager Matt Rhule all-but opened a vein aft Sunday’s 25-3 nonaccomplishment to the Giants, dropping the Panthers to 3-4 aft a 3-0 start. Rhule knows however to physique up sagging programs, succeeding astatine Temple and past Baylor, and helium has a salesman prime to him. He is considered a “better quote” than Judge. 

Rhule said helium was “unbelievably disappointed successful our coaching unit and myself and our players and the full Carolina Panthers.” He said: “Offensively, obviously, we didn’t support the quarterback. We wanted to tally the shot more. We started retired moving it and didn’t tally it enough. We didn’t tally it good enough. We couldn’t convert. It’s conscionable wholly unacceptable.”

Rhule past challenged his team.

“We person to manager way, mode better,” helium said. “There’s nary doubt. But we besides person to play better, and I deliberation this is 1 of those deals wherever everyone that walks successful that gathering this week starting with me, has got to person a consciousness of urgency that I deliberation we should person had the past mates of weeks. It feels similar it during the week, but it doesn’t look to beryllium showing up connected Sundays. At immoderate constituent it’s got to change.”

Judge does not spell there. He is astir automaton successful his progression done the season. He takes the emotion retired of it and repeatedly warns against riding the roller coaster from week to week.  

Judge’s mode is frustrating for fans wanting answers and blood, sweat and tears pursuing a loss. Rhule’s mode is much satisfying, successful this regard. It remains to beryllium seen which mode is the astir effectual way.

Giants Joe JudgeGiants caput manager Joe JudgeCharles Wenzelberg/New York Post

This much melodramatic attack could person resulted successful Rhule assessing a nonaccomplishment arsenic caput manager of the Giants. He was precocious connected their database and precise overmuch connected their radar during the 2020 hiring cycle. Co-owner John Mara knew a large woody astir Rhule — helium was a Giants adjunct manager successful 2012 — and knew precise small astir Judge. If Panthers proprietor David Tepper did not stroke immoderate extracurricular contention distant with a seven-year, $60 cardinal declaration — the Giants were not going there, financially oregon successful years connected the woody — Rhule would person interviewed with the Giants and surely could person been the choice.

Rhule went 5-11 with the Panthers successful his debut season. Judge went 6-10 with the Giants. Rhule got retired of the gross accelerated this season, but a 3-0 commencement has devolved into a 3-4 record. Judge’s Giants are 2-5 this season. Twenty-three games into their NFL caput coaching careers, Judge is 8-15 and Rhule is 8-15. One perchance immense difference: Judge mightiness person his franchise backmost successful Daniel Jones. Rhule astir surely does not person his franchise backmost successful Sam Darnold, who was benched against the Giants.

Heading into the game, Rhule stated his squad would stress moving the shot astatine slightest 30 times. The Giants’ defence took that arsenic a challenge, and besides an insult, and stuffed the Panthers connected the ground. Score 1 for Judge. The Giants had mislaid 2 consecutive and played with desperation. The Panthers had mislaid 3 consecutive and were uninspiring. Score 1 for Judge here, arsenic well.

Panthers Matt RhulePanthers caput manager Matt RhuleAP

“I don’t cognize if we recognize the presumption that we’re in,” Rhule said. “You tin archer New York surely recognized aft past week the presumption they were in, that their backs were against the wall. They had a consciousness of urgency that we did not have.

“We were not the tougher squad and that’s a recognition to the Giants.”

And a recognition to the caput manager of the Giants, who is successful the occupation for galore reasons, 1 being that Rhule ne'er interviewed for it.

More that came retired of the Giants’ 2nd triumph of the season:

Peart-y good

Before the game, we targeted Haason Reddick arsenic a subordinate to support an oculus connected wrong the Panthers defense. Why Reddick? Well, the shifty extracurricular linebacker came into the crippled with 6.5 sacks and past season, playing for the Cardinals, helium devastated the Giants with 5 sacks and 3 forced fumbles successful a dominating performance. With Andrew Thomas connected injured reserve with ankle and ft issues, near tackle was manned by Matt Peart and this figured to beryllium a unsmooth matchup, knocking heads with Reddick. Verdict? Peart did the job. He played 69 of the 72 violative snaps — helium missed 3 dealing with a digit occupation — and astir of them were solid. Reddick played 59 snaps and finished with 5 tackles, 1 for loss. There were nary sacks oregon backmost hits for Reddick. 

Peart’s improvement is indispensable for the Giants. He was a third-round prime past twelvemonth and the beforehand bureau and coaching unit each determined helium would beryllium a project. It is imperative the Giants get Peart connected the tract arsenic overmuch arsenic possible. When Thomas returns, aft the Week 10 bye, Peart should plaything implicit to close tackle and get his reps connected that side. Nate Solder should capable the relation initially designed for him this season: Backup plaything tackle.

Endurance man

Tae Crowder was a precocious summation to the wounded study past week, listed arsenic questionable connected Saturday with a thigh issue. This was problematic, arsenic Crowder, 24, is simply a invaluable starter and his relation has accrued and grown successful value ever since Blake Martinez was mislaid for the play to a torn ACL. Crowder pushed done and not lone was capable to play against the Panthers, helium was connected the tract for each 64 snaps connected defense. He matched Leonard Williams with a team-high six tackles and helium is needed successful coverage, a skill-set helium decidedly possesses. This goes to show, you ne'er cognize with draught picks. Crowder was taken successful the seventh circular with prime No. 255 successful the 2020 NFL Draft, the precise past subordinate selected, earning him the “Mr. Irrelevant” designation. He is rather applicable for the Giants.

What’s a rout?

Winning games is rather a conflict for the Giants. Winning them easily, decisively, is simply a rarity. The past clip they won a crippled by much than 22 points — the borderline of triumph implicit the Panthers — was astir 3 years ago, erstwhile they thrashed Washington 40-16 precocious successful the 2018 season.

Passing fancy

What Daniel Jones pulled disconnected — catching a walk with a one-handed drawback for a 16-yard gain — does not hap astir the Giants. The past clip a Giants backmost caught a walk successful a crippled was much than 20 years ago, erstwhile Kerry Collins connected Sept. 10, 2001 grabbed his ain (deflected) walk retired of the aerial for a 2-yard nonaccomplishment astatine Denver. The Giants, unsurprisingly, for 16 years did not plan immoderate plays that included Eli Manning moving a walk way and being the superior target.

Something to watch

This was quick. Linebacker Benardrick McKinney got successful the crippled for 11 snaps connected defence for the Giants, six days aft helium was signed to the signifier squad. McKinney was elevated to the progressive roster connected Saturday and a time aboriginal was making plays for his caller team. He had 2 solo tackles and impressed his teammates with his hard-hitting style. McKinney, 28, had 3 100-plus tackle seasons for the Texans and has 77 NFL starts connected his resume, arsenic good arsenic 1 Pro Bowl enactment (in 2018). He could and astir apt volition propulsion Reggie Ragland for playing clip astatine wrong linebacker.