Johnson & Johnson to Split Into Two Companies, Shares Rally

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Johnson & Johnson has announced plans to split into 2 companies, spinning disconnected its user wellness division—which sells products similar Band-Aids, Baby Powder, and Listerine—into a abstracted publically traded company.

The user wellness concern has been provisionally dubbed the New Consumer Health Company, according to a Nov. 12 statement, portion the caller Johnson & Johnson institution volition absorption connected the medical devices and pharmaceuticals business, which sells its COVID-19 vaccine and different drugs.

“The planned separation would make 2 planetary leaders that are amended positioned to present improved wellness outcomes for patients and consumers done innovation, prosecute much targeted concern strategies and accelerate growth,” the institution said.

The New Consumer Health Company volition person successful its portfolio 4 $1 cardinal megabrands and 20 brands worthy implicit $150 million, including specified household names arsenic Neutrogena, Aveeno, Tylenol, Listerine, and Band-Aid, the institution said.

For the afloat twelvemonth 2021, Johnson & Johnson’s user wellness limb is expected to make astir $15 cardinal successful sales, portion the pharmaceutical and aesculapian devices part is projected to bring successful immoderate $77 cardinal successful revenues.

While details stay sparse, Johnson & Johnson expects the divided to instrumentality spot astatine immoderate constituent successful the adjacent 2 years.

Alex Gorsky, Chairman and CEO of Johnson & Johnson, said that spinning disconnected the user wellness concern “is the champion mode to accelerate our efforts to service patients, consumers, and healthcare professionals, make opportunities for our talented planetary team, thrust profitable growth, and—most importantly—improve healthcare outcomes for radical astir the world.”

Gorsky volition modulation into the relation of Executive Chairman of the caller Johnson & Johnson institution pursuing the separation, with Joaquin Duato, presently Vic Chairman of the company’s Executive Committee, volition instrumentality the helm arsenic CEO, effectual Jan. 3, 2022.

“We judge that the caller Johnson & Johnson and the New Consumer Health Company would each beryllium capable to much efficaciously allocate resources to present for patients and consumers, thrust maturation and unlock important value,” Duato said successful a statement.

The caller user wellness company’s committee of directors and enforcement enactment would beryllium announced astatine a aboriginal time, Johnson & Johnson said.

Shares of Johnson & Johnson roseate astir 4 percent successful premarket trading Friday pursuing the announcement.

The determination by Johnson & Johnson, which is the world’s biggest health-products company, comes successful the aftermath of akin announcements this week by concern conglomerates Toshiba and General Electric and underscores however big, diversified corporations are nether unit to simplify their operations.

General Electric recently announced it is splitting into 3 nationalist companies that volition ore connected aviation, healthcare, and energy.

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