Johnson’s imperial bombast could suck Britain into more deadly interventions | Simon Jenkins

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Relations betwixt the world’s large powers are tenser than ever since the acold war. Troops are massing on Russia’s borderline with Ukraine. Chinese ships and planes are openly threatening Taiwan. Japan is rearming successful response. Turkey is renewing its belligerence towards its neighbours. Russia is backing east-west fragmentation successful Bosnia.

Where Britain stands successful each this is dangerously unclear, drifting connected a oversea of Boris Johnson’s gestures and platitudes. The Royal Navy presently has a £3.2bn craft bearer waving the national emblem successful the South China Sea, wholly unprotected. China could descend it successful an hour. In the Black Sea, a British destroyer provocatively invades Russian waters disconnected Crimea, showing disconnected to the world’s media. Last week, the British overseas secretary, Liz Truss, precocious her bid for her party’s enactment by sitting astride a vessel successful Estonia and warning Russia that Britain “stood firm” against its “malign activity” successful Ukraine. Meanwhile, Britain’s outgoing defence chief, Sir Nick Carter, estimates that the hazard of accidental warfare with Russia is present “the highest successful decades”.

There is nary grounds of a coherent strategy successful these moves. Johnson is travelling a acquainted path, seeking overseas glory to distract from home woes. He has announced a reversal of Britain’s 1960s withdrawal from “east of Suez”. He seeks thing called an “Indo-Pacific tilt”, and a projection of what helium calls “British enactment successful the world”. His March defence reappraisal proposed a 40% increase successful Britain’s atomic stockpile, successful flagrant defiance of the 1968 atomic non-proliferation treaty. To propulsion location the point, helium appointed the navy’s expansionist Admiral Tony Radakin arsenic his caller main of defence staff, reportedly against subject advice.

What this has to bash with Britain’s defence is obscure. None of it falls wrong immoderate pact obligation. London has nary work to get progressive successful China’s statement with Taiwan, nor does Taiwan adjacent privation it. Yet erstwhile Theresa May past period asked Johnson if his anti-Chinese Aukus pact with Australia and America committed Britain to subject action, Johnson played macho and refused to answer.

Nor has Britain immoderate work to support Ukraine, which is not a subordinate of Nato. Yet Truss appears to suggest otherwise. As for Iran, Brexit ended Britain’s request to enforce crippling – and useless – economical sanctions. Yet it continues with them, adjacent utilizing them to garbage to ransom the imprisoned Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe. Most extraordinary, Johnson appears personally to person rescinded a pledge that Britain would ne'er beryllium the archetypal to use a atomic weapon successful immoderate aboriginal conflict. What conceivable credibility tin beryllium attached to specified a threat?

None of these bellicose emanations from the premier curate has thing to bash with British security. They are play-acting. Britain is astatine liberty to accidental what it thinks astir the authoritarian regimes successful Russia and China – so it has a motivation work to bash so, arsenic it has to judge refugees and widen assistance to the needy. Such duties person thing to bash with defence. Yet Johnson’s ambiguous words and actions transportation implications. Casual promises to face and act, not basal idly by, tin beryllium misread and pb to nary little casual commitments to deploy violence.

Just specified a morass of bombastic threats and counter-threats were hurled into the fury of instabilities that preceded the archetypal satellite war. It was a akin bout of sabre-rattling that led the large powers to the atomic cliff-edge during the Cuban situation of 1962, and the Andropov miscalculation of 1983. Recent analyses of some person shown however truly adjacent was disaster, saved lone by the luck of having sane leaders astatine the time. There is nary specified warrant today.

We tin each spot that the satellite faces dictatorships successful Beijing and Moscow. Both are flexing their muscles internally and doing externally what some Britain and America did successful their imperial prime, which is grow their influence. They spot the west’s planetary assurance dwindling. Democracy is sick, with America successful turmoil and Europe dis-uniting. Neither Russia not China really threatens the west, but some privation to fortify their spheres of power implicit their neighbours arsenic almighty states person ever done. China’s “belt and road” strategy is simply a reprise of Britain’s imperial preference.

If immoderate acquisition is to beryllium learned from caller decades, it is that the occidental powers are ill-advised to meddle successful the powerfulness structures of China, India and the Middle East. They are not bully policemen. They should judge that their relation is to exemplify their much-vaunted occidental values astatine home, not unit them connected different nations and cultures successful the mode of medieval crusaders. This simply condemns them to humiliation and their victims to the devastations of groups specified arsenic Islamic State and the Taliban.

At this infinitesimal the satellite astir needs omniscient and calm statesmanship. On leaving Afghanistan, Joe Biden astatine slightest had the dignity to larn the evident lesson. It was over. Withdrawal should people “the extremity of an epoch of large subject operations to remake different countries”, arsenic Biden enactment it. Other countries should beryllium near to their ain devices.

No specified acquisition has travel from Britain. All Johnson tin bash is boast that helium is the ruler of a “global Britain”, and walk a luck connected useless weaponry. Can we ideate a German oregon French person indulging successful specified imperialist bombast? In doing truthful helium risks sucking his state into yet much murderous interventions. They tin person thing to bash with his nation’s security. They are governmental vanity.

  • Simon Jenkins is simply a Guardian columnist