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Our satellite is facing immoderate of the astir captious challenges of each time. While the past decennary ushered successful melodramatic technological acceleration, the past 18 months person kicked disconnected a tectonic societal displacement successful however we live, work, and connect. Generating sustainable and strategical solutions to these challenges—from some communal enactment and heroic innovation—requires america to rewire the nationalist sermon and adjacent however we think. Welcome to the archetypal RE:WIRED.

And contiguous we’re announcing a slate of caller speakers and sessions for the event, which takes spot November 9 and 10. It’s a bid of virtual conversations betwixt technologists and leaders successful science, cybersecurity, art, and amusement who are reasoning hard astir the consequences of exertion connected society, economics, sustainability, and our future.

“At WIRED, we archer the stories of the radical moving connected the world’s biggest challenges,” says WIRED’s planetary editorial director, Gideon Lichfield. “I look guardant to proceeding from each 1 of our speakers astatine RE:WIRED, due to the fact that whether their enactment ends successful occurrence oregon failure, oregon is inactive successful progress, we tin larn a immense magnitude by discussing the pugnacious issues with the planet’s astir determined occupation solvers.”

RE:WIRED speakers include:

  • Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel and founding manager of the BU Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases Policy and Research Nahid Bhadelia connected the mRNA evolution.
  • Digital creator Mike Winkelmann, aka Beeple, connected however exertion is changing our conception of what creation is.
  • Independent student Timnit Gebru connected speaking truth to biased algorithms.
  • Science fabrication writer Neal Stephenson connected world-building—and world-fixing.
  • Director of the US government's civilian cyber defence bureau Jen Easterly connected the scourge of ransomware.
  • Actor John Cho and Cowboy Bebop showrunner André Nemec connected the travel from anime to live-action.
  • Sinovation Ventures CEO Kai-fu Lee and laminitis and CEO of Yohana Yoky Matsuoka connected what the aboriginal of AI should look like.

Registration for the lawsuit is escaped and disposable here. Registered attendees volition person entree to unrecorded RE:WIRED contented and volition beryllium capable to taxable talker questions.

We anticipation you tin articulation us!

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