Jon Gruden’s cryptic message: ‘The truth will come out’

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Jon Gruden could soon beryllium vindicated, according to Jon Gruden.

After resigning successful disgrace arsenic the Raiders caput manager aft emails leaked successful which helium utilized racist, homophobic and sexist language, Gruden picked up the telephone erstwhile a shaper of HBO’s “Real Sports” called.

“He’s inactive successful Las Vegas,” Andrea Kremer said connected the “Real Sports Podcast” Thursday. “… He said he’s letting the particulate settle. He said, ‘People who cognize maine cognize what I basal for for 58 years. I person a resume of 58 years.’ He said, ‘The information volition travel out.’ It’s surely cryptic.”

It does way with the terse connection Gruden released upon his resignation, successful which helium apologized generally, but said archetypal that helium didn’t privation to beryllium a distraction to the team.

Gruden’s emails, which were released to the New York Times, included him belittling pistillate referees, players who protested the nationalist anthem, the drafting of Michael Sam — an openly cheery subordinate — and usage of homophobic slurs to picture commissioner Roger Goodell. The emails were released to the NFL arsenic portion of a abstracted workplace misconduct probe focused connected the Washington Football Team.

Las Vegas Raiders caput  manager  Jon Gruden meets with the media Jon Gruden seemingly feels his broadside of the communicative hasn’t travel retired yet.AP Photo

Gruden and Bruce Allen, the erstwhile WFT president, also exchanged photos of scantily clad women, including cheerleaders for Washington.

In summation to resigning from the Raiders, Gruden has been removed from the “Madden 22” video game, and his name taken disconnected the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ ringing of honor.

Exactly what information would exonerate him from the concern is unclear, but astatine slightest according to Gruden, we’ll find retired successful owed time.