Journalist claims Bruce Willis made her wait 9 days for ‘nightmare’ interview

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Bruce Willis A newsman had an unpleasant acquisition erstwhile she interviewed Bruce Willis successful 1996. AFP via Getty Images

Definitely not a bully look for Mr. “Die Hard” himself.

A newsman claimed that Bruce Willis made her hold 9 days for an interrogation backmost successful 1996. The writer besides alleged that the 66-year-old histrion didn’t adjacent extremity the waitstaff astatine the edifice they went to to behaviour the interview.

In the latest occurrence of iHeartRadio’s caller archetypal podcast, “Haileywood,” big Dana Schwartz spoke to writer Martha Frankel, who revealed she had a atrocious acquisition with the “Expendables” prima 25 years ago.

Frankel received an duty to interrogation Willis for the tract Movieline successful London astatine the time. She described the acquisition arsenic “a nightmare” connected the podcast.

Frankel revealed that Willis agreed to speech to her aft 9 days. Instead of gathering successful London, the “Die Hard” prima wanted to spot her successful a municipality called Windsor, an country astir 30 miles westbound of London.

She added that she tried to alleviate Willis’ uneasiness astir the interrogation by suggesting gathering implicit a poker crippled with his absorption team. However, helium wanted “no portion of” immoderate of the techniques Frankel tried to usage to marque him consciousness safer.

Frankel explained: “He didn’t truly privation to speech astir anything. It was conscionable a resistance and helium wasn’t amusive and helium wasn’t funny. And I cognize he’s each of those things. I had seen him successful action. I cognize helium tin beryllium that.” 

She past divulged that Willis made the edifice wherever they ate during the interrogation unopen down “so that cipher would travel implicit for his autograph.” The begetter of 5 past didn’t extremity their waitress astatine the extremity of their lunch.

Bruce WillisFrankel explained, “It was conscionable a resistance and helium wasn’t amusive and helium wasn’t funny.”LightRocket via Getty Images

“And past helium didn’t propulsion $300 bucks connected the array for the waiter,” she said, “so I did.” Telling Schwartz, “I privation affluent radical to beryllium much generous than not affluent people. But you cognize what was the champion thing? He walked successful and retired of that edifice and cipher said a connection to him, cipher recognized him.” 

This isn’t the archetypal clip a newsman has recovered Willis to beryllium rude during an interview. He sat down for a chat with Britain’s Magic 105.4’s Jamie Edwards successful 2013 to beforehand his movie “Reds 2” with co-star Mary Louise Parker.

Edwards described the speech arsenic “the astir awkward interrogation ever” aft helium claimed that the German-born histrion could “hardly support his mind” connected it.

Edwards tried to beryllium bully and prosecute with Willis to support the speech moving smoothly, but the prima appeared bored and uninterested successful the five-minute talk.