‘Journey to the Center of the Earth’ actress Arlene Dahl dead at 96

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arlene dahl obit American histrion Arlene Dahl, circa 1950. Getty Images

Arlene Dahl, an MGM prima and 1 of the large beauties of Technicolor, has died. She was 96. 

Dahl was known for being 1 of the astir iconic faces of 1950s glamour and the prima of 1959’s “Journey to the Center of the Earth.” She was joined six times, including to actors Lex Barker and Fernando Lamas. 

Her lad by Lamas, Lorenzo Lamas, announced the quality connected Facebook connected Monday.

“Mom passed distant this greeting successful New York. She was the astir affirmative power connected my life. I volition retrieve her laughter, her joy, her dignity arsenic she navigated the challenges that she faced,” helium wrote successful the post. “Never an sick connection astir anyone crossed her lips. Her quality to forgive near maine speechless astatine times. She genuinely was a unit of quality and arsenic we got person successful my big life, I leaned connected her much and much arsenic my beingness counsellor and the idiosyncratic I knew that lived and loved to the fullest.”

He past expressed his sympathies for Dahl’s loving husband, Marc Rosen, who “for the past 37 years, made her beingness truthful fantastic and joyous.”

In summation to “Journey,” the redheaded Dahl besides acted successful the films “The Bride Goes Wild,” “Reign of Terror,” “Three Little Words,” “Woman’s World” and “Slightly Scarlet.” She and Lamas some performed successful “Jamaica Run” anterior to marrying. 

Before her movie vocation began successful 1946, she worked arsenic a exemplary and successful theater, Variety reported. She besides appeared successful a fig of soap operas, including “One Life to Live” and “All My Children,” arsenic good arsenic logged galore impermanent appearances connected the likes of “Fantasy Island” and “The Love Boat.” Dahl notably appeared successful the 1991 enactment movie “Night of the Warrior,” which starred her lad Lorenzo Lamas arsenic a kickboxer facing disconnected with a mobster, played by “General Hospital” prima Anthony Geary.

arlene dahl obitArlene Dahl successful 2013.Brian Zak/NY Post

 Later successful life, she became a quality writer and cosmetics executive.

In summation to Rosen and Lamas, she is survived by 2 different children, arsenic good arsenic grandchildren and great-grandchildren.