JPMorgan Chase CEO Warns New York Unvaccinated Employees Won’t Get Paid, Risk Losing Jobs

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JPMorgan Chase’s New York employees who are not vaccinated against COVID-19 risk losing their jobs and won’t get paid if they garbage to comply with the company’s vaccination requirements, Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimon suggested connected Monday.

“If you aren’t going to get vaxxed, you won’t beryllium capable to enactment successful that office,” Dimon told Reuters. “We’re not going to wage you not to enactment successful the office,” Dimon said. “We privation radical to get vaccinated.”

When asked whether oregon not JPMorgan Chase has decided connected a imaginable aboriginal argumentation that would allow employees to enactment betwixt some location and the office, Dimon said, “We don’t person to reply this close away.”

Last month, the concern slope told its unvaccinated unit successful Manhattan to enactment from home, having antecedently allowed employees who person not yet received the shots to enactment successful the bureau arsenic agelong arsenic they underwent regular investigating doubly a week, Reuters reported.

The Epoch Times has contacted JPMorgan Chase for further comment.

JPMorgan Chase is 1 of a fig of banks that are pushing for employees returning to the bureau to beryllium vaccinated against COVID-19, peculiarly successful airy of the caller fast-spreading Omicron variant.

Earlier this month, Goldman Sachs Group Inc, which is headquartered successful New York City, changed its return-to-office plans for employees and asked eligible U.S. unit to enactment from location until Jan. 18.

However, U.S. employees of the multinational concern slope who are returning to offices would need to get a COVID-19 booster shot, if eligible, by Feb. 1 in bid to participate institution premises.

In October, Citigroup, the nation’s third-largest bank, said that it volition necessitate each U.S. employees to beryllium fully vaccinated against COVID-19 arsenic a information of employment.

The radical is offering a $200 inducement to each of its 65,000 U.S. employees erstwhile they taxable impervious of vaccination by the Jan. 14, 2022, deadline but Sara Wechter, caput of HR astatine the bank, confirmed that medical and spiritual exemptions volition beryllium assessed.

New York is presently witnessing a question of caller COVID-19 cases, driven by the highly transmissible Omicron variant. As of Jan. 9, determination were 54,749 affirmative cases, 12,022 hospitalizations and 135 caller deaths reported by wellness attraction facilities, New York Governor Kathy Hochul said.

Meanwhile, arsenic of Monday, 95 percent of big New Yorkers person had astatine slightest 1 vaccine dose, portion 85.4 percent of each New Yorkers person besides had astatine slightest 1 dose of the vaccine. In total, 34,440,048 full doses person been administered passim New York, Hochul said. 

The authorities has immoderate of the strictest COVID-19 protocols successful place, specified arsenic mandating vaccine passports for aggregate indoor settings, including for dining, entertainment, and fittingness venues. The vaccination requirements use to those aged 5 and older.

Last week, Hochul said the authorities volition grow its COVID-19 vaccine mandate for health attraction workers to see booster shots, making it the first authorities to necessitate boosters for wellness attraction employees. Under the mandate, wellness attraction workers volition person to get boosters wrong 2 weeks of their eligibility and only medical—not religious—exemptions volition beryllium accepted, accordant with erstwhile mandates connected COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 vaccines.

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